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Primates Meeting News

This press release from ACNS, Anglicans call for inclusive church and a new call to mission, reports that the primates meeting has prompted many lobbying groups and organisations to draft statements in support of an inclusive church.
Some later reports from UK and elsewhere can be found here.

Today, the following British press items:

In The Times Ruth Gledhill reports, in Bishops’ five-point plan to heal Church gay rift, that Philip Giddings has proposed this 5-point plan for the primates to save the communion:

  • Reaffirm Lambeth 1998
  • Accept that the actions of the American Episcopal Church and the Diocese of New Westminster in Canada are contrary to Lambeth
  • Issue warnings to these two bodies accordingly
  • Ask them to respond appropriately
  • Give warning that if this response is not satisfactory, they will be suspended and, in this event, make provision for alternative oversight for the orthodox

In the Telegraph Jonathan Petre, in Hardline archbishops gather on eve of summit, says of the meeting being held today at All Souls, Langham Place:

“[the archbishop’s] advisers will be further angered by today’s meeting because they argue that it breaches the normal protocol for primates, the world’s leading bishops and archbishops, who do not usually act in so political a way. One said that the Archbishop had called this emergency summit precisely to avoid groups of primates holding their own meetings and deciding the future of the Anglican Communion before consulting all their colleagues.”

The Guardian has a Comment column by Giles Fraser, entitled Battle for the soul of Anglicanism. He says:

“… they are seeking to turn the clock back to an age where uniformity of religious belief was obligatory. Funded by rightwing extremists in the US, some of whom believe that homosexuals should be stoned, and egged on by the Vatican, conservative evangelicals are exploiting the crisis to mount a takeover bid for the soul of the Anglican communion. If the Archbishop of Canterbury gives in to this power politics it will be the most vulnerable members of the church who will pay the price. For this is a debate in which gay Christians are silenced and scared.”