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Saturday media columns

Geoffrey Rowell writes in The Times that Ascension raises more than a cordial for drooping spirits.

Christopher Howse writes from Spain in the Daily Telegraph about A ploughman who was Chaucer’s ideal.

Christina Rees writes in the Guardian about Li Tim-Oi in Face to faith. See also this site.

Two earlier columns from Ekklesia:
Simon Barrow asked last week Is religion the new parliamentary belief divide?
Even earlier Jonathan Bartley asked Is ‘Christian nation’ rhetoric aiding the far right?

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Christopher Shell
Christopher Shell
17 years ago

Jonathan Bartley is right to denounce the BNP. But the real scandal is that the mainstream parties’ stance on abortion is so clearly less humane than even the BNP. ‘Worse than the BNP’ is not a pretty piece of ground to occupy.

Cheryl Clough
17 years ago

Christina Rees article made me think about comments that were being made about fighting the AIDS pandemic after the AIDS international conference in Toronto last year. There were comments from (particularly from the African continent) that women needed to regain control over their bodies if we were to slow the spread of the disease. Women need to have the right to say whether, when and how they will enter into sex and/or have children. Women need to be more than passive wombs. Who knows, if males can no longer rape or seduce their way into parenthood, maybe they will make… Read more »

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