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Colin Slee writes in the Guardian about the Anglican covenant proposal.

Jonathan Sacks writes in The Times about Elijah and the prophetic truth of the ‘still, small voice’.

Christopher Howse writes in the Daily Telegraph about Iraqi Christians, in On the plains of Nineveh.

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times about how Faith is on the front line in the war on terror.

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Cheryl Clough
16 years ago

I would refer all the writers and their readers to the book of Jonah. This book, along with the book of Job and Jesus’ own legacy are amongst the most confounding of all the holy sciptures. Yet, Jonah provides the key to both the historical texts and our current circumstances. If your faith and belief is based upon what you can build and see in this reality, then it can be swept aside by God’s will. But if your actions are based on what is best for God (and thus humanity), irregardless of what you can see will be left… Read more »

16 years ago

Giles Fraser’s article should be a wake up call to anybody thinks that they are all knowing about our Creator and smugly wish to correct the world with their beliefs.

Not only can they create bombs to kill the innocent, they can teach impressionable, sensitive and often desperate minds to commit crimes in a thinly disguised veil of utter hatred.

It isn’t a conflict of heretics verses schismatics, it is war of fundamental extremists (did I say fundamentalists?) vs. a greater faith community that is continually searching and listening for God.

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
16 years ago

Lord, I love You, save me from Your followers!

16 years ago

Just chatting to a chap at the church today on Colin Slee’s article (he saw it in the paper version) and both of us respon with approval.

By the way, I notice that David Virtue (not quite a weekend column) reckons 300 bishops might attend a Not The Lambeth Conference Conference:

I don’t know about the numbers but an alternative gathering, which must launch a schism surely, is a logicl outcome with invitations to the real one as they are.

16 years ago

Good column by Giles Fraser; always enjoy him where ever he hangs his writer’s cap.

“[A] more open reflection upon our less flattering motivations” –

It is significant that a rector of one of the largest Episcopal parishes in the US – Ed Bacon at All Saints, Pasadena, California – has called for the Justice Department to investigate impeachment of the vice president in a sermon last Sunday.

From All Saints media alert – (scroll down to click to watch the entire sermon on Google video)

Or read it here –

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