Thinking Anglicans

Further press coverage

This morning’s Press Association report is Only God Can Make Me Quit, Says Gay Bishop-Elect.
On Monday, the Telegraph carried a signed opinion column by the new editor Martin Newland, The Church’s unity is more important than sexuality along with a news story, God urging me on, says gay bishop. The next day, they published this letter from Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes.
The Times on Monday had It may be messy, says gay canon, but I’m following God’s calling.
The Guardian had Gay canon feels ‘God approved’ promotion.
On Sunday night, the BBC had Gay bishop reaffirms role which includes a link to a video clip including part of an interview with Gene Robinson. On Monday morning, the BBC had Gay US bishop-elect replies to critics. There is a radio interview here (Real Audio required).
Turning to reports from elsewhere, in addition to those already reported here

This report from Nigeria does little to cool the temperature Anglican Bishop Denounces Gay Colleagues.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Monday that Most Episcopalians accept gay rights and says that the Episcopal Diocese of Pennsylvania (which covers Philadelphia and nearby towns) has at least 27 openly gay active or retired priests.
The Boston Globe had an opinion column headed The Anglicans’ uncharacteristic civil war by David C. Steinmetz of Duke Divinity School.
Christianity Today tried very hard to analyse the primates statement in Translating the Anglican Primates.
From Canada Archbishop Michael Peers issued a statement on Tuesday Church’s acceptance of gays and lesbians has not changed, Anglican Primate says (scroll down for text).
Meanwhile in Australia on Tuesday, Sydney’s diocesan synod unsurprisingly voted to dissociate itself from Developments in the Anglican Communion but note the comment of a Sydney Anglican reported in this Wednesday ABC radio interview :

On the streets of Redfern and in the bars of Redfern I am asked again and again by ordinary people ‘why does the Church hate gays?’ There are people who when they hear these words that we speak now as a church, no matter what our intention is and no matter how much we may say there is love in our hearts, they will hear these words, on the one hand, if they are gay or lesbian, as condemnation, and on the other hand, if they are people who, and they do, regularly bash gays and lesbians, as authority to continue to do that. I am fearful of passing this motion because, apart from any of our intentions or our desires, I am fearful that we will have blood on our hands.