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further news from Africa

The Living Church reports in Pro-American Provincial Dean in Central Africa Ousted that the Bishop of Botswana, Trevor Mwamba has been removed as provincial dean:

…The Rt. Rev. Albert Chama, Bishop of Northern Zambia, was appointed to replace Bishop Mwamba as dean by the church’s General Synod, which began meeting on Sept. 6 in Mangochi, Malawi.

The government-backed Harare Herald reported Bishop Mwamba was “relieved of his duties” due to his “pro-gay” and pro-American lobbying, and because he misrepresented “the province’s position on the issue of homosexuals.”

From Kenya, the Nation reports New Anglican priest in dilemma over gay family.

From Rwanda, the New Times reports Country to Anoint U.S. Bishops.

Some further comments concerning the Central Africa situation can be found here at Episcopal Café.

And Bishop Mwamba’s remarks in England last January can be found here.

Here’s another report from news24 ‘We will not indulge gays’.


  • Lapinbizarre says:

    The Central African situation beggars description.

    Just this week it was reported by “The Voice” that “the future appointment of Scotland’s former First Minister Jack McConnell as Britain’s High Commissioner to Malawi [where the General Synod at which Trevor has just been deposed was held] has caused an uproar because of his support for gay rights.”

    Time perhaps for the Global North to offer Alternative Primatial Oversight to Trevor Mawmba, and establish an alternative province for Central Africa that does not bash gays while giving a free pass to the disgusting bishop Kunonga of Harare.

  • JCF says:

    Yes, if African hierarchs are going to “rescue” anti-gay Episcopalians in the U.S., it’s only fair for TEC to rescue “pro-gay” (so-called) Anglicans in Africa…

    Lord have mercy!

  • This is sad and not a surprise.

    Some dioceses are more strict in what they will tolerate than others, e.g. some visiting teachers are banned in some dioceses.

    This will take much prayer and guidance from God.

    What is important is we do not surrender healing in the US.

    Moses didn’t wait for the Pharoah or Amaleks to be convinced before he took the Israelites through Exodus. If you do that, the journey never starts.

  • Kurt says:

    “Time perhaps for the Global North to offer Alternative Primatial Oversight to Trevor Mawmba, and establish an alternative province for Central Africa that does not bash gays while giving a free pass to the disgusting bishop Kunonga of Harare.”—Lapinbizarre

    Yes, indeed. But that will come about only after it is clear to most Western Churchmen/women that Akinola and his ilk have formed a separate Communion to ours.

  • Leonardo Ricardo says:

    “Akinola and his ilk have formed a separate Communion to ours.” Kurt

    Yes, and then let the REAL Anglican Communion enthusiasm for a healthier spiritual life prosper (you know, the kind that isn’t based on fear/hate, exclusion, but IS based on spreading the “Good, inclusive, News” of “loving one another”…imagine, LOVE not superstitious hate/fear-mongering taboos and we REFUSE to segregate!

  • I met this bishop at the Ecclesiastical Law Society Conference in Liverpool and listened to his views as published above. I am absolutely amazed at this reaction – true he believed that people in Africa are being horribly manipulated and was determined to isolate the small group he felt was doing this, but when I questioned him he gave me no solace by his answers – from what he said I would have classed him as a firm conservative, solidly a “Windsor” bishop.

  • Malcolm+ says:

    Following on Martin’s comments that Bishop Mwamba would be a conservative “windsor” bishop.

    Of course, the action of the Archbishop is entirely consistent with the way extremists deal with a situation. It isn’t enough to silence those recalcitrant Liberals, it is equally necessary to silence any of those conservatives whose views are the least bit “suspect.”

    After all, when the Bolsheviks won, all the social democrats were put up against the wall along with the tsarists.

  • MJ says:

    It appears that the Province of Central Africa has now broken up. Read it all here:

  • Ford Elms says:

    “it is totally against the law of God,”

    Where does Konunga, of all people, get off saying this? The man has more nerve than a toothache! He’d be more credible if he put as much energy into applying the law of God to his own affairs.

  • The Political Use of Prejudice.

    Straight out of 3rd and 4th Laterans.

  • L Roberts says:

    I like this prayer quoted by Trevor Mwamba :–
    ‘There is much to be thankful for to God. May our prayer be to paraphrase the late Lord Runcie that

    “O’ God we lose not the critical faculty. Supremely reverence the truth and all learn to live together in the knowledge that in religion, as in all else, the same things do not appeal to everybody”.’

  • Mynsterpreost (=David Rowett) says:

    “due to the impasse created by a London-based gay cleric, Nickie Henderson, who wants to buy a bishopric in the province.”

    Hm, more impressive reporting out of Africa….

  • Malcolm

    Thank you for a vivid example of how tyranny respects no boundaries. It doesn’t matter if it is a secular, religious, or socialist, based of ethnic superiority, or economic selfishness.


    I agree this round first needs to be fully played out. In the next round it is going to be absurd, sending Christian missionaries into Christian countries to help other Christians who are at risk of being sent to concentration camps or killed for being Christian… having to teach how tyranny is an anathema to God and explaining that even Christianity can be perverted.

    Such missionaries might find John 15:26 to 16:4 useful: “When the Counselor comes, whom I will send to you… the Spirit of truth… will testify about me… They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, a time is coming when anyone who kills you will think he is offering a service to God. They will do such things because they have not known the Father or me. I have told you this, so that when the time comes you will remember that I warned you. I did not tell you this at first because I was with you.”

    Jesus exhorts at Matthew 12:7 or 9:13 “… go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’ For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

    This is an important lesson, not just for Christians but also other faiths and movements. I’m going to put up a supporting posting containing some pertinent Old Testament passages.

  • Corroborating Old Testament Texts:

    Jeremiah 32:35 “They built high places… to sacrifice their sons and daughters… though I never commanded, nor did it enter my mind, that they should do such a detestable thing…”

    Isaiah 57:1-7 “The righteous perish… and no one understands that the righteous are taken away to be spared from evil… they find rest as they lie in death. “But you… Whom are you mocking?… Are you not a brood of rebels, the offspring of liars? …you sacrifice your children in the ravines and under the overhanging crags. The idols… are your portion… to them you have poured out drink offerings and offered grain offerings. In the light of these things, should I relent? You have made your bed on a high and lofty hill; there you went up to offer your sacrifices.”

    Ecclesiastes 5:1 “Guard your steps when you go to the house of God. Go near to listen rather than to offer the sacrifice of fools, who do not know that they do wrong.”

    Proverbs 15:8 “The LORD detests the sacrifice of the wicked, but the prayer of the upright pleases him.” see also 21:3 & 21:27. Or Psalms 40:6 & 51:16-17

    Hosea 4, 13:1-3 or 6:4-10 “…Your love is like the morning mist… that disappears. Therefore I cut you in pieces with my prophets… For I desire mercy, not sacrifice, and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. Like Adam, they have broken the covenant — they were unfaithful to me… a city of wicked men, stained with footprints of blood. As marauders lie in ambush for a man, so do bands of priests; they murder on the road… committing shameful crimes…”

    Malachi 1:6-14 “It is you, O priests, who show contempt for my name…. When you bring blind animals for sacrifice, is that not wrong? When you sacrifice crippled or diseased animals, is that not wrong?… I am not pleased with you… and I will accept no offering from your hands. My name will be great among the nations, from the rising to the setting of the sun… says the LORD Almighty… Cursed is the cheat who has an acceptable male in his flock… but then sacrifices a blemished animal to the Lord.”

  • L Roberts says:

    “due to the impasse created by a London-based gay cleric, Nickie Henderson, who wants to buy a bishopric in the province.”

    Disgraceful. Is no-one safe from such calumny ?

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