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opinion columns at the weekend

Jonathan Sacks writes on the occasion of the Jewish New Year that Freedom can only walk on the path of forgiveness.

Simon Rocker writes about the image of God, in the Guardian’s Face to Faith column.

And in the Daily Telegraph Christopher Howse writes about What Richard Dawkins makes of Jewish morals.

From the Church Times Giles Fraser asks Should the BBC allow extremist voices?

And from last week, William Whyte writes about the Deceased Wife’s Sister Act in Why did this seem like a great moral safeguard?

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Cheryl Clough
16 years ago

Well done Giles Fraser for pointing out that Auntie has an obligation to protect society. Both Rocker and Sacks’ articles were insightful. The opening paragraph of Howse’s article led to much chuckles “There is a strange triangle of forces between God, Richard Dawkins and his opponents. It is an unsymmetrical triangle, in that, although his opponents seem to hate Professor Dawkins and Professor Dawkins certainly hates God, God does not hate Professor Dawkins. That seems to stir the professor to ever greater efforts.” I have to say that I love Richard Dawkins. I love his meme model, it explains a… Read more »

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
16 years ago

“I find it hard to believe”, he wrote, “that any person of Christian feeling or even civilized instincts can wish to inflict the sort of insult that would be involved in using our churches and our services for carrying out what is in our conviction only an act of sexual vice.”

And how soon will all the anti-gay huffing and puffing sound just as silly? This was a delightful piece to read – anything that makes me laugh out loud gets kudos!

dave paisley
16 years ago

Hmm, somewhere Onan smiles… or cries. I’m not really sure which.

Göran Koch-Swahne
16 years ago

ABC Cranmer’s faked justification for Henry VIIIths divorce from Queen Catherine looms…

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