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Pittsburgh: diocese prepares for annual convention

The Diocese of Pittsburgh, a member of the Anglican Communion Network, has an annual convention (think diocesan synod) coming up on 2-3 November. A number of official documents have been published in relation to this.

For an alternative view of Pittsburgh, try reading either the website of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh or the most recent entries of Lionel Deimel’s weblog:
Agreeing to Agree
“… the bishop didn’t say that.”
Something Dramatic

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16 years ago

Many, many thanks and prayers of support to PEP folks for their clarity and unwavering commitment to pledging big tent Anglicanism in the face of the current realignment campaign. What a fine example to all of the rest of us they live. Not least have they born good witness by filing suit in court, thus helping to get behind the scrims of realignment spin doctoring to reveal some people and some facts and some true sequences of events. I have also greatly enjoyed the clear analysis of the presuppositional-categorical-definitional rhetoric which seems nowadays to comprise such a repeated core of… Read more »

Cheryl Clough
16 years ago

Gee I wish there were weblogs like Lionel Deimel’s in every dioceses where certain parishes growth was being “stunted” because their theology was in error, or their ministers and leaders removed with methods that perturb parishioners, or recruitment of replacement “constricted” to a limited few or none at all. It would be lovely to see weblogs like this popping up with this kind of corroborating evidence. When you start to see the same pattern happening over and over again, you start to see a collective strategy. Then the church has a chance to contemplate whether this is healthy and what… Read more »

16 years ago

Canon Hays (Pitts) regarding the proposed realignment of the diocese out from under TEC states – “It has not been done [before], that’s true. The National church has said it is null and void what we have said [already]about our accession clause. That again I would say is a matter of opinion.” Duncan is trying to sell the idea that dioceses have “a right to rescind” accession. The right is predicated on the notion of TEC being not so much a church but a confederation of dioceses, who can opt in or out at will. Canon Hays admits that such… Read more »

16 years ago

There is much to be gleaned from Duncan’s treatment of moderates and liberals in his diocese.

I am reluctant to get into the persecution game, but it seems that most of the outrageous persecutions claimed without evidence by the “conservatives” can be proven in Pittsburgh with the roles reversed.

Interesting enough, though, the liberals are not demanding alternative episcopal oversight or trying to leave their diocese. They merely want their authoritarian bishop held accountable.

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