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New Orleans: further media reports

The Daily Telegraph has Archbishop accused of ‘dehumanising gays’ by Jonathan Petre

Ruth Gledhill has more about what Archbishop Akinola said to her yesterday, on her blog, at Peter Akinola ‘blows the fourth trumpet’.

The Living Church has Concluding His Visit, Archbishop Seeks to Lower Expectations by Steve Waring. And also Details Sketchy on Episcopal Visitor Proposal by George Conger and Steve Waring.

The Boston Globe has Episcopal leader pushes for a compromise on gay rights by Michael Paulson

Associated Press Rachel Zoll Anglican Head Downplays Split Over Gays

Reuters Bruce Nichols and Ed Stoddard U.S. Episcopals to respond on gay issue next week

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16 years ago

Dear HOB, Bishops, archbishops, and all to whom it may concern: Here is my limited contribution to remaining in communion, given the complaints being made about me as a queer fellow and as a follower of Jesus of Nazareth from various conservative or realignment sectors of the global communion. I can readily see my personal way forward into joining local parish worship from time to time, and place to place, depending – and I can readily agree not to darken the perimeters of those Lord’s Tables from which I am supposedly barred or unwelcome according to somebody’s strict and allegedly… Read more »

L Roberts
L Roberts
16 years ago

I regret to say that, as far as I am concerned, the AC deserves to fall apart over the issue of lesbian and gay people.

They have tried to avoid standing with us, to avoid, crucifixion with us — but it would have been better to have stood with gay people –especially in Afrian and the Middle East who go in fear of their lives. And really take it in the neck for them.

16 years ago

Interesting that Anglican Mainstream, on the day Rowan Williams gives a press conference, leads with two articles on what Akinola says. Says it all really.

16 years ago

L Roberts – sorry, we have holy scriptures and cannot pick and choose what is clearly called sin in the bible….. this is not many in the AC stand with you (not in the last 2000 years and still not today)

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