Thinking Anglicans

New Orleans: Saturday morning press coverage

New Orleans Times-Picayune Anglican leader seeks to lower temperature and later, for the Saturday paper, Anglican leader downplays conflict

Guardian Stephen Bates Williams escapes bishops’ poison to see church at work in New Orleans

BBC Crisis talks over US gay clergy

New York Times Neela Banerjee Episcopal Church Remains Divided on Gay Issues

Washington Post Michelle Boorstein Anglican Leader Plays Down Schism

Boston Globe Michael Paulson Archbishop holds out hope for compromise

Chicago Tribune Russell Working For Episcopal bishops, stress running high

USA Today Cathy Lynn Grossman Archbishop addresses religious fissure

Associated Press Rachel Zoll Anglican Head Downplays Split Over Gays

Agence France Presse Anglican leaders hope to avoid schism over gay clergy

Episcopal News Service Archbishop of Canterbury ‘encouraged’ by bishops’ meetings

Anglican Journal No ultimatum in request for September response, says Williams

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Lorraine Ljunggren
Lorraine Ljunggren
16 years ago

In reading the Archbishop’s comments on the Episcopal News Service coverage of the press conference on Sep.21, I note he indicates that in the present situation “we are inevitably in the business of compromise.” Strange, here I thought we are to be in the business of loving God and of loving our neighbor — of welcoming all of God’s children so they might know themselves beloved and welcome in the kingdom of God. Since the Gospel indicates Jesus walked the latter way, I’ll keep trying to do likewise.

16 years ago

It remains better of widely based groups can learn to live with each other: it tells something about active toleration in a complex society. However, it is also the case that a schism removes a blockage and can clear the air, and perhaps should be less fearful of such happening. The predicament is there and somehow either has to be faced – it is just best when the people threatening to walk, to do the either-or, end up as the ones doing so.

Cheryl Clough
16 years ago

The Episcopal Church article is interesting, and probably lends the most weight as to the way the TEC itself is heading. It is pleasing to see Williams stating: “Despite what has been claimed, there is no ultimatum involved”. Apparently the communiqué is “a place to start and included issues the Primates felt needed clarification by the Episcopal Church. Charles Jenkins of Louisiana: “There is no such thing as spare people, there are no throwaway lives… People of good will and faith stand for the dignity of humanity… we stand strongly for all of God’s people.” Some might not like Williams’… Read more »

Cheryl Clough
16 years ago

Hi Lorraine I empathize with your concerns. Optimistically, it is possible to give a positive flavor to the word compromise. In families, members compromise all the time. The mother can not give all her attention to all her children all the time. While she is helping one child with their homework, another needs to wait patiently or find something to do that does not require her attention or intervention. Similarly, when budgeting, we compromise on buying what we want in order to ensure the essentials and basics are under control, and in times of hardship make choices of what to… Read more »

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