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weekend: comment from the papers

Geoffrey Rowell writes in The Times that The Divine Compassion has steel as well as serenity.

David Boulton writes about National Quaker Week in the Guardian’s Face to Faith column.

Christopher Howse writes about The bells that make Cockneys in the Daily Telegraph.

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times about These new bishops are only virtual — not real.

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16 years ago

I have a lot of time for the Friends and indeed David Boulton, former editor of Sea of Faith Magazine and who gave that publication a cool clarity. The organiser of my talk yesterday is a Quaker, and she actually was one who embodied what I was saying, having tried the Metropolitan Community Church as well, and others – thus a shopping around a pattern of identifiable groups of which the Quakers are one. I’d say to Giles Fraser that Nigeria, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya have produced so many bishops for the USA that, far from being virtual and remote,… Read more »

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