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Discrimination: a lost opportunity

Last week’s Church Times contained a comment article written by me and titled Discrimination: a lost opportunity.

For previous Church Times coverage of the Archbishops’ Council response, see here. For the original response to the Discrimination Law Review, go here.

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16 years ago

I saw the following post at Stand Firm and I thought that “thinking anglicans” might like to vote too
“The (UK) Church Times has as its question of the week—Has the US House of Bishops responded adequately to the Primates’ demands? At the moment only 28 people have voted and it is split 50/50. People might like to go there and vote:

Cynthia Gilliatt
Cynthia Gilliatt
16 years ago

Just remember, that ‘no’ could mean – from ++Akinola – ‘no,they haven’t groveled enough’ – and could also mean – from me – ‘no, they did too much appeasing of bullies with no intention of compromise.’

So I won’t bother.

Cheryl Va. Clough
16 years ago


The question is vexatious.

Have they capitulate enough to meet the demands? – yes.

Have they responded adequately? – no

They have lost trust with some souls.

Just as the feminine who rejoiced in Jesus’ birth and ressurection feels betrayed about how women have been more abused and less respected in patriarchial Christianity for the last 2000 years. At least in Judaism, women were respected for upkeeping the home culture and practices to enable all family members to remain in constant communion with God, and thus remain holy people even in the midst of the nations.

Göran Koch-Swahne
16 years ago

Church Times’ question is double: “No” could mean both

I think they should have “submitted”, and

I think they should have said We don’t want to take part in charades.

So; worthless.

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