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weekend opinion roundup

Peter Selby writes in the Guardian’s Face to Faith column and reflects on how wars have challenged the modern church.

Jonathan Romain writes in The Times that Jews don’t have to believe – if they do what He says.

Christopher Howse writes in the Daily Telegraph about A (Muslim) duty to prevent wrongdoing.

Bill Countryman writes in the Church Times about A weakness in the US Constitution.

Giles Fraser spoke on the radio yesterday about the Levellers and Burma.

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16 years ago

In a similar way to Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain’s piece, to be a good Christian means believing in the impact of God rather than necessarily believing in the existence of God – impact requiring human agents.

What the Burmese monks did was give added legitimacy to the protests, and remove it from the regime. It has taken the last vestige of authority from the regime, and left it ruling by power alone.

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
16 years ago

“What the Burmese monks did… “
And heaps coals on the heads of those, like many conservative Christians who foster war as an answer.

Cheryl Va. Clough
16 years ago

My prayers are with the Burmese, I hope they find a peaceful solution so that all are healed. Romaine’s piece reminds us that it’s not just Christians who can take on the form of faith but lack the substance. There are biblical passages that are very clear that souls can get so caught themselves that they become detestable before God by degenerating into prostitution or idolatry or being prepared to sacrifice their children e.g. Isaiah 44:13-20 or Ezekiel 16. God also has contempt for souls who enter into covenants and break them (the covenant of peace e.g. Isaiah 54:13-15 is… Read more »

16 years ago

Ford says “”What the Burmese monks did… “ And heaps coals on the heads of those, like many conservative Christians who foster war as an answer.” First – Ford, do you really want to blame all conservatives for what Dubya does??? (I vote Labour by the way ……not that that helps much!) Second – are you implying that “conservatives” are not fighting for justice, helping the poor etc etc? Third – even if your post was based on any real evidence (rather than pique), it still would not mean we ought to accept drunks or adulterers or thieves or the… Read more »

16 years ago

Ford – by the way, I realise you said “many” and not “all” – but still, I am surprised by you making a statement like the one above

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