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updated JSC report on New Orleans

The PDF file that contains the report of the Joint Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council and the Primates of the Anglican Communion on The Episcopal Church House of Bishops of Meeting in New Orleans has been amended. It now includes as an addendum the text of the submission of Bishop Mouneer Anis, Primate of Jerusalem and the Middle East.

The report has this statement:

The present text was developed from the remarks of JSC members in New Orleans and in consultation with them.

In electronic correspondence, the following members of the Joint Standing Committee have signified their assent to this text:

  • Phillip Aspinall, Primate of Australia, Primates’ Standing Committee
  • Barry Morgan, Primate of Wales, Primates’ Standing Committee
  • Katharine Jefferts Schori, Primate of The Episcopal Church, Primates’ Standing Committee
  • John Paterson, Chairman of the Anglican Consultative Council and of the ACC Standing Committee
  • George Koshy, Vice-Chair, ACC and Standing Committee
  • Robert Fordham, ACC Standing Committee
  • Kumara Illangasinghe, ACC Standing Committee
  • Elizabeth Paver, ACC Standing Committee **
  • Nomfundo Walaza, ACC Standing Committee

The following members have signified dissent:

  • Mouneer Anis, Primate of Jerusalem and the Middle East, Primates’ Standing Committee . (The text of Bishop Mouneer’s submission is attached as an addendum.)

Responses have not yet been received from:

  • Philippa Amable, ACC Standing Committee
  • Jolly Babirukamu, ACC Standing Committee

** Following communication from Canon Paver her name has been moved to those who assented to the document.

Revised. Thursday, 4th October, 2007

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Tobias Haller
16 years ago

I should think this to be a very satisfactory solution for those who objected to the “haste” with which the report was issued.

16 years ago

Tobias – sort of….but see above…. the misleading positive headlines have already printed….some of them very inaccurate eg “Primates give green light to Episcopal Church.”

Was releasing the report before all JSC members could contribute their views another cunning political move by the Lambeth Palace politicians? I wonder…..

Anyway, the same sort of report (misleading and bendig over backwards to accept TEC’s innovations, blind to the doublespeak and real intentions of TEC)was presented in Tanzania ………..and we know what happened there.

16 years ago

a useful contribution here from Professor Noll

L Roberts
L Roberts
16 years ago

Steve Noll doesn’t seem to know that the C of E has recognised same gender relationhsips — & even changed its own Church Law to recognise Civil Partners as on a par with wife / husband. He is blowing into the wind (of change).

But anyway, why is he so obsessed with other people’s relationships ?

‘The heart of the present crisis is not a matter of process but of truth. By a large majority, the bishops at Lambeth 1998 stated that “homosexual practice is contrary to Scripture” (doctrinal) and “cannot be advised” (moral)’ S Noll

Tobias Haller
16 years ago

NP, you may well continue to spin conspiracy theories, even after all the votes are in. But it does not appear, given the responses from the other relatively conservative members of the JSC, that any conspiracy was necessary. Try for a moment to think this through rationally. No one doubted ++Anis’ position, and his view is now included. His ability to issue a separate statement, later annexed, if anything gave him a wider audience than he otherwise would have garnered. If this was a move to sideline him, as you seem to suggest, it would indicate a lack of political… Read more »

John Henry
John Henry
16 years ago

The calvalry has come to the rescue of the reasserters in the U.S. on the verge of seceding from the General Convention Church. The CAPA Primates meeting in conference have rejected the JSC’s Report as follows: “While meeting in Mauritius we received a copy of the report of the Joint Standing Committee (JSC) of the Primates and the Anglican Consultative Council. On first reading we find it to be unsatisfactory. The assurances made are without credibility and its preparation is severely compromised by numerous conflicts of interest. The report itself appears to be a determined effort to find a way… Read more »

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