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Idowu-Fearon in Dallas

Rod Dreher of the Dallas Morning News spoke to Josiah Idowu-Fearon Bishop of Kaduna, Nigeria, and until recently the archbishop for that region.

Read the whole interview here: Josiah Idowu-Fearon: At the heart of two flashpoints.

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John Omani
John Omani
16 years ago

Given the comments of some Nigerian clerics, I was quite pleasantly surprised reading this: +Kaduna offers some insightful and intelligent perspectives. His comments on the rise of Pentecostalism are perceptive, and the link with poverty helps to explain the rapid growth of the ‘health and wealth’ gospel within these groups. The dynamic is different in Africa to that in Europe and America, where Pentecostalism often attracts the young and wealthy, drawn by the slick marketing and promises of signs and wonders. Also curious is the insight +Kaduna offers into the ethno-religious tension in Nigeria: contrary to what many believe Islam… Read more »

Martin Reynolds
16 years ago

Josiah Idowu-Fearon Bishop of Kaduna became Canterbury Six Bells preacher only to see himself ousted as Archbishop. A clear message intended from both sides there I am sure.

John Omani
John Omani
16 years ago

It is a shame that +Kaduna has not been re-elected. Were any reasons given by the Nigerians?

Prior Aelred
16 years ago

I think it is an excellent interview with a fine pastor — I suppose I agree with him about everything except the so-called “presenting issue” — so where do we go from here?

Jim Pratt
Jim Pratt
16 years ago

The same part of the article stood out for me. And it called to mind comments that Archdeacon Larry Beardy made at Canadian General Synod in 2004, how missionaries told Canadian Aboriginals a couple generations ago that homosexuality was sinful.

The problem is not so much one of modern evangelicalism, but of the Victorian missionary heritage.

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