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update on San Joaquin

The Presiding Bishop wrote again to Bishop Schofield. Read her letter in full at Episcopal News Service San Joaquin bishop asked to confirm status after vote to leave the Episcopal Church.

Bishop Schofield wrote a pastoral letter to the diocese of San Joaquin. Read that letter in full at SAN JOAQUIN: Pastoral letter says diocese is no longer part of Episcopal Church.

Meanwhile, the Stockton Record continues to cover the story. See Episcopal split in California has some historical precedent. And also this and this.

El Bohemio News has A Church in Conflict – Update – AN ALLEGATION OF MANIPULATING THE VOTE.

The Church Times had this report by Pat Ashworth: San Joaquin moves to ‘assured place’.

The Bakersfield TV station, KBAK-TV has Local church members want to “Remain Episcopal” which includes a video report.

National Public Radio had an audio report here: Episcopal Diocese Secedes over Role of Gays.

The BBC earlier had an audio report here.

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16 years ago

The El Bohemio News item is very heavily slanted in Schofield’s direction – so much so that one wonders if George Hood, its author, might be a member of Schofield’s congregation. A slightly more readable format of the piece can be accessed here:

16 years ago

Now we have to follow the dodgy parsing of what Canterbury or Schofield or Venebles said or didn’t say, officially, formally, by implication, or explicitly. This quickly runs downhill so far as generating understanding and light, instead of heat, friction, and snowballing narratives of who is in and who is out. We repeat in high and medium and low forms, the dodgy narratives of the conservative realignment which ask us to turn off our minds by group think, and even worse in some ways, we repeat the mixed muddles of Canterbury being unable or unwilling to speak clearly, except for… Read more »

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