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Rowan Williams: Christmas Sermon

The full text of the sermon preached by the Archbishop of Canterbury in his cathedral on Christmas Day can be found here.

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16 years ago

I am always partly astounded when Rowan writes or preaches like this, such a grand sweep. Cannot he see that it is exactly this great sweep which is carrying us forward in our new and revised understandings of human nature, of sexuality, of embodiment, and indeed of cosmology? The surprising modern discovery is just that, so far as we can tell now, queer folks and women of immense talents are a regular, natural, functioning part of the extravaganza of creation details which Rowan dares to envision with us. Or is it all, just only as the con evos would have… Read more »

Cheryl Va. Clough
16 years ago

I am so glad that Rowan “gets it”, that healing this planet is about making it a fit place for God to dwell amongst us. That dwelling can not happen amongst souls who can not imagine that God can be comfortable moving amongst fallible, broken human beings and still love them, despite their inadequacies. The Teachers of the Law who refute God’s ability to reconcile and be comfortable with humans just as they are fought against Jesus’ words and conduct which testified exactly that 2000 years ago. In recent times, they attempted to misappropriate Jesus’ name to “their side”. This… Read more »

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