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opinions after Christmas

Giles Fraser wrote in the Guardian about A very lefty festival.

The tradition of carols as an anarchic and populist form of devotion is alive and well, says Ian Bradley in Face to Faith.

Jonathan Romain wrote in The Times that All the true miracles happen in the human heart.

Vicki Woods wrote in the Daily Telegraph about Going to church when you have no faith.

At Ekklesia Simon Barrow wrote that Christ is an unwanted gift for the religious.

Jonathan Bartley wrote about The real offensiveness of Christmas.

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Rhys Morgan
Rhys Morgan
16 years ago

There was a discussion on this morning’s today programme between Giles Fraser and Anne Atkins – “Has Xmas become a left wing festival?”

the last item – 8.50

hope the link works

happy new year thinking anglicans

L Roberts
L Roberts
16 years ago

Atkins ws ridiculous. Can’t she ever shut up and listen to another ?


I had no idea christmas was ‘over’.

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
16 years ago

“Christmas was downgraded and stripped of its threatening content a long time ago.” Indeed. While the Incarnational aspects of the Nativity scene, especially those that include a ‘cacagenar’ are important, I suspect the decline began with St. Francis’s promotion of such things. We have been duped into believing that what we are celebrating is the birth of a baby. Sure, not just any baby, but still, the fact that this is the entrance into Creation by the Creator Himself, the beginning of at-one-ment, the beginning of His becoming “as we are so that we may becoime as He is” is… Read more »

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