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Canadian update

The Anglican Journal updates on the border crossings there:

Foreign province makes bid for Canadian churches:

…The network has about 500 individual members and 16 member parishes, said Canon Charles Masters, national director of the network. The Anglican Church of Canada has about 2,800 congregations and 641,000 on parish rolls…

Proposed structure of the Anglican Network in Canada

The Anglican Church of the Southern Cone of America

Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay
Members: 22,490

Canada calls on Canterbury to intervene:

Canadian church leaders have appealed to the Archbishop of Canterbury to address moves by dissidents to join a South American church and minister illegitimately in Canada.

In a pastoral statement dated Nov. 29, a week after the Anglican Network met, Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate (national bishop) of the Anglican Church of Canada, said he deplored “recent actions on the part of the primate and General Synod of the Province of the Southern Cone to extend its jurisdiction in Canada.” The statement was also signed by the church’s four metropolitans, or regional archbishops.

Referring to Bishop Don Harvey and Bishop Malcolm Harding’s intent to minister to disaffected churches in Canada, Archbishop Hiltz said such ministry is “inappropriate, unwelcome and invalid.”

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Cheryl Va. Clough
16 years ago

The Canadians should not be suprised, we’ve been dealing with interstate forays in Australia for years.

Trust God. Be true to God’s promises of peace and love. Defend the weak. Uphold righteousness. Dispense justice with mercy and compassion.

All will be as it should be, faith draws up the living sap from the root stock of Jesse.

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
16 years ago

Theres an an excellent article by Peter Toon on virtue online , showing how the ” orthodox” breakaways have the same liberal approach as TEC as regards divorce and re-marriage.

You can bet your bottom dollar ( southern Cone-Canada) have also not restored their marriage canons to pre-liberal purity.

Again and again..this is an appalling witnes to homosexual persons…as it shows this is their only concern as regards sexual morality..whereas genuine conservatives would be concerned with the institution of marriage per se.

The double standard is mind blowing.

Cheryl Va. Clough
16 years ago

It’s not even a concern about sexual immorality. If it was, then why have so many dioceses in so many countries aided and abetted pedophiles and other sexual predators in their parishes and schools? It’s about trying to deny God’s grace to one part of humanity and the implication that grace is therefore withheld from other parts of humanity. If they accept that grace can even be given to homosexuals, then how do they argue that grace is withheld from others? The problem with their thinking is that it fundamentally refutes the whole purpose of Jesus’ incarnation. Their continual carping… Read more »

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