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opinions after Epiphany

In the Guardian’s column Face to Faith John Coutts argues that “Mainstream Islam stands where the churches stood in 1650 in terms of religious freedom”.

The Times has Baptism allows us to share fully in the life of Jesus by Roderick Strange.

Giles Fraser wrote in the Church Times that Theologians promoted atheism.

Ekklesia has a piece by Simon Barrow titled Rethinking religion in an open society.

Two weeks ago, the Observer had this article by Richard Harries It is possible to be moral without God.

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16 years ago

I agree with the Ekklesia argument by saying that the secular and religious are false opposites: the secular gives space to the religious to make a commentary. If the religious can expand outwards, by networks building institutions, then they will help towards building a civil society. The comments of Nazir-Ali won’t do this, which have amounted to special pleading and scaremongering.

Cheryl Va. Clough
16 years ago

Giles Fraser is right, good religion is found in reality not in ivory towers. Each and every religion shines at its best when it is solving problems, not when it is covering itself in violence and posturings. Examples of God’s contempt for disconnected scribes can be found at Isaiah 59:4-10, Mark 12:38-40, Isaiah 29:11-24 & 30:1-3 & 32, Jeremiah 18:9-20 or Hosea 11:1-7 There is a tendency to refer to morality, but that often then gets confused with sexuality. I find it more useful to refer to righteousness which does not have sexual connotations. God creates all things thus each… Read more »

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