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San Joaquin SC response to PB

The previous report about the Diocese of San Joaquin was this one.

The letter from the Presiding Bishop to the remaining members of the Standing Committee, and some initial responses to that, were linked at the end of the article.

Those remaining SC members have now issued a response. The official DSJ blog copy is available here, and another copy of it is here.

Dan Martins a former DSJ Standing Committee member, now removed to Northern Indiana, and who earlier made these comments, has recently commented about this on various other blogs and has kindly published this record of his comments elsewhere: More San Joaquin Flotsam and Jetsam.

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L Roberts
L Roberts
16 years ago

‘And in those days every man (sic) did what was right in his own eyes.’

16 years ago

Fr. Martins inability to *admit his own responsibility* in creating the DioSJ MESS (nor to empathize w/ the faithful Episcopalian survivors there) is a FATAL blindspot in his capacity to analyze the situation (IMO). It’s not JUST about the canons, it’s also about “loving your neighbor as yourself”!

Prior Aelred
16 years ago

Back in the days of the Reagan presidency, we used to say that the people in charge were either evil, stupid, crazy or some combination of the three. It is hard not to have the same thought about the people in charge in the Diocese of San Joaquin (& like JCF, I do not give Fr. Martins a pass on this).

Disclaimer — I am a personal friend of Fr Tim Vivian who has been asked to assist in rebuilding congregations in the area that wish to remain in The Episcopal Church.

16 years ago

Hmm one resonates to Fr. Martins’ reasonable tone until one tunes in, to a deeper – and unacknowledged? – hostility to historic Anglican leeway. Live and let live is a graceful part of our worldwide Anglican heritage as believers; yet when conservatives now apply it, it means let me live so that I can continue various sly-minded and often mean-spirited efforts to demean your alternative conscience, hinder your efforts to love your neighbor according to that conscience, and trash talk you and your alternative motives at every near future opportunity in our common church life. Toxic atmostpheres rise up like… Read more »

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