Thinking Anglicans

British newspapers Saturday

The Times has A. C. Grayling writing on Schisms, The reason of things;

The threatened schism within Anglicanism turns on a scriptural teaching which some Anglicans are not minded to defy, namely, the proscription of homosexuality in Leviticus xviii, 22. Here schism seems to be the right answer, for a church which does not accept gay people fully seems well worth schisming from.

The Telegraph has a leader Christian disunity which regrets the forthcoming consecration:

It will be as historic an event for the Anglican Communion as the hurling of anathemas between Michael Cerularius and Cardinal Humbert was for the universal Church in 1054, when Latins and Greeks broke into open schism.

and also Jonathan Petre filed this report, Gay bishop-elect draws Charles into Church row

The Independent has this opinion column by Jo Ind, Faith & Reason: In the Tory quest for unity can you hear the music of the spheres? which is not about the Tories but about All Saints Day.

In the Guardian, Stephen Bates reports that Church skates on thin ice over gay bishop

The Belfast Telegraph relays the views expressed in the Church of Ireland Gazette, Gay bishop’s election ‘incomprehensible’ Robinson naive, claims C of I paper. You can read the Gazette editorial directly at FREEDOM AND RESPONSIBILITY

The Irish Independent reports Irish prelate to attend US gay bishop ceremony (the Bishop of Limerick).

Addition (thanks to KH)
The Financial Times had Protest is the likely welcome for gay bishop.