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Archbishop of Canterbury appoints Windsor Continuation Group

The Archbishop of Canterbury has announced the formation of the Windsor Continuation Group (WCG), as proposed in his Advent Letter. The WCG will address outstanding questions arising from the Windsor Report and the various formal responses from provinces and instruments of the Anglican Communion.

Details on the Anglican Communion News Service.


  • What a shame. I was hoping he would appoint a Windsor Advisory Group so we could all make knowing comments about the WAGs. 😉

  • Pluralist says:

    It’s like a train on a track hurtling towards buffers – get a full crew on board!

  • Graham Kings says:

    These appointments are very encouraging in stature and wisdom.

  • Prior Aelred says:

    Considering that the Windsor Report was such a complete disaster, why appoint such a group?

    Archbishop Williams seems determined to destroy the Anglican Communion.

    There is a saying that the ABC seems determined to ignore, “When you can’t get out of the hole, stop digging!”

  • JCF says:

    Yes, as I told Cantuar, “This Windsor business has been such a smashing success, we simply MUST continue it!”

    Not. ;-X

  • Oh, dear Prior!

    It’s the perfect question.

    Sadly, there are those who have convinvced themselves that Windsor offers the best way forward for the Communion.

    I don’t understand their thinking either ……

  • drdanfee says:

    Yes I sadly agree with all those posters who have reservations. What exactly will this Windsor process and its newbie covenant be able to really do, that the existing Chicago Lambeth Quad does not do? Is that extra bit, really going to be destructive or constructive? Why does stifling change and inquiry and many-sided best practices scholarship or empirical research, mainly aimed at changing for the better in so many domains that may become Anglican controversies in passing, the royal road to Anglican witness, common prayer and world service?

    How can the leading Anglican archbishop lauded for his keen mind and warm heart so take for granted the intentional dumbing down of our varied understandings of our Anglican heritage and our modern faith?

    How will a covenant which obviously aims to trash one or more sets of varied Anglican believer conscience and discernment, actually end up enriching our common intellectual, civil, or spiritual life?

    How very odd that the Archbishop who can make some early provisional test case for accommodating very conservative religious beliefs and practices in exception of human dignity – often with violent or other questionable attachments – so completely fail to make a viable case for accommodating the worldwide varieties of existing Anglican belief and practice.

    So odd, indeed. One would have thought the bases for one assertion of plural leeway were common sensically predictive as part of the bases for the other leeway. So odd. I wonder how long I will avoid being embarrassed by a stolid new Anglicanism which is proud of its refusals to think, inquire, and converse across global differences in any significant domain that it has not already subsumed inside a close rhetoric of self-service and self-maintenance.

    This great former tree of the kingdom will be too busy shooing away this or that unwelcome type of bird, while gathering only birds of its special own feathers and uniform colors, together. Jesus’ lordship is a whole lot better, wider, and richer than our new fangled Anglicanism will allow us to be, post covenant.

  • christopher+ says:

    “Jesus’ lordship is a whole lot better, wider, and richer than our new fangled Anglicanism will allow us to be, post covenant.”


    …unless, of course, the covenant idea is further changed significantly, as it well might be in ongoing discussion and consultation, or perhaps abandoned in the end.

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