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The Independent on Sunday prints Tom Butler: Today’s Bishop is a gay divorcee. We may not like it but is it worth a schism? by the Bishop of Southwark. This paper also has a news story, Gay bishop in disruption scare.

The Observer claims in Williams set to condemn gay bishop that Rowan Williams will issue “a strongly worded statement attacking the consecration of Gene Robinson as bishop of New Hampshire within the next 24 hours.”

The Sunday Telegraph says in Primates break with Church over homosexuality that 20 primates will today break relations with ECUSA, and that

In the statement, the primates will say that continued communion with the New Hampshire diocese and those who support the appointment, including the presiding Episcopalian archbishop, Frank Griswold, is no longer possible.
Instead, they intend to recognise another, as yet unnamed, senior spiritual leader who will represent the Episcopalian congregations that continue to adhere to the traditional Anglican line.

The BBC has several stories. Gay splits in Church ‘will heal’ reports on what Rowan Williams said yesterday in London, as well as on what is due to happen today in New Hampshire. There is a link on that page to a video report by Jane Little (BBC religious affairs correspondent) which includes an interview with Gene Robinson. The BBC also has Unity plea over gay bishop which reports on Barry Williams’ (Archbishop of Wales) remarks.
The BBC radio programme Sunday has three items, all requiring Real Audio to hear:
Archbishop Robin Eames interviewed
Jane Little talks about Gene Robinson
Corruption in Zimbabwe about the Anglican Bishop of Harare

Chris Morgan in the Sunday Times reports that Gay bishop to face walk-out at ordination.

The Scottish Sunday Herald has Gay bishop splinters Anglican Church.

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Roy Murphy
20 years ago

Well, we all knew that the plan to establish an “orthodox” Anglican province in America would not be held up. Bill Attwood of Ekklesia has been working on it for several years and he’s not going to let this opportunity pass by. Bob Duncan (Pittsburgh) thinks that he’s to be the new archbishop. I wonder what bishops Iker (Ft. Worth), Schofield (San Joaquin), Ackerman (Quincy) and Salmon (South Carolina) think about that. Note, Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold is not an archbishop and does not have a diocese. He only has jurisdiction over churches like the Convocation of American Churches in… Read more »

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