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opinions on Good Friday

The Church Times leader is titled Only perfect love can cast out fear.

Last week, in the Church Times Peter Selby wrote about Why war is never a final solution.

The Guardian carried a leader today titled In praise of… the Council of Nicaea.

Justin Lewis-Anthony wrote about Gambling and Good Friday.

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16 years ago

Peter Selby’s essay on the fallacy of war is very powerful and moving, especially the paragraph that mentions our children picking up the example set by us “adults”.

What do our children think of tearing a church apart over the rejection of children of God?

Cheryl Va.
16 years ago

Both Peter Selby and the Church Times articles are poignantly moving. The Church Times comments “challenging power, wherever it reposes, requires support, and few congregations are united enough to provide this in any measure.” Robert Leduc commented the other day on this thread “If there is so little regard for the church as the Body of Christ, why should I not just be entirely on my own and cultivate my personal relationship with Jesus? No need to worry about people disagreeing with me then!” One of the sayings I share with my children is “Salvation does not come from… Read more »

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