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Prayer for Zimbabwe

Updated Wednesday evening

The Anglican Communion News Service has published this: World Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe on Sunday 27th April 2008

A desperate cry from the hearts of Zimbabwe screams across the world.

It calls upon all Christians of every denomination in every nation to focus their prayers, in churches, halls, homes or elsewhere, on Sunday 27th April, 2008 on the critical situation in Zimbabwe, a nation in dire distress and teetering on the brink of human disaster.

Let the cry for help touch your heart and mind. Let it move you to do what you can immediately to ensure this Day of Prayer takes place in your country and neighbourhood.

Please pass on this message right now to all the churches and Christian organisations known to you and to the media as well as to everyone anxious to rescue Zimbabwe from violence, the concealing and juggling of election results, deceit, oppression and corruption, and to bring about righteousness, joy, peace, compassion, honesty, justice, democracy and freedom from fear and want.

May a continual strong stream of prayer and supplication flow up to the Lord on behalf of all the people on this Day of Prayer, exhorting His divine intervention throughout the nation.

“It is by making the truth publicly known that we recommend ourselves to the honest judgment of mankind in the sight of God.” (2 Corinthians 4:2)

Some advice to Zimbabweans

“Who so putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe.” (Proverbs 29:25) “Stand fast, and do not let yourselves be caught again in the yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1) “Make no mistake, you cannot cheat God.” (Galatians 6:7) “Do not be overcome by evil but overcame evil with good” (Romans 12:21)

Bob Stumbles, Chancellor – The Anglican Diocese of Harare

See also Zimbabwe, abuse and silence at Only Connect.

And a statement by the Archbishop of Cape Town is here.

Wednesday evening update

Dave Walker has a roundup of links to related stories at the Church Times blog Zimbabwean Christians call for a World Day of Prayer on Sunday.


  • Pluralist says:

    I am sure all can give support to this as an indication of sympathy; it is a pity that events (MCU blog has made a speciality of this reporting) show that local Anglicanism has been compromised by the Zimbabwean system. I’m sure it won’t be too long before the wobble of power in Zimbabwe becomes another that has Mugabe fall over. I often wonder at the bravery of some in that situation.

  • Erika Baker says:

    I’ve passed this straight on to our prayer groups.
    If only there was anything else one could do!

  • Ben W says:

    We have a couple in our church from Zimbabwe. They still have family there.

    The couple had to leave because he had spoken out. We have been holding them up in prayer for over a year and have sent financial help through contacts to people in the couple’s home church. The latest is that many people now can not go to their local church, have been driven from their home and are living on the streets.

    Ben W

  • John Omani says:

    Until very recently, the Anglican church in Zimbabwe was hopelessly compromised by support for Mugabe, in stark contrast with the efforts of the Roman Catholic leadership. Indeed, under Kunonga, it was instrumental in the tyrannical and racist policy shift in 2000-2001 that led to the current humanitarian catastrophe. Fortunately, it appears that the thug-bishop Kunonga has now been deserted by even formerly loyal congregations.

    It is a pity to see that Kunonga and Mugabe continue to use homophobia to crack down on their enemies, but nothing is beneath such criminals. Zimbabwe is already suffering from a humanitarian disaster, not merely on ‘the brink’ as suggested above – starvation and AIDS (exacerbated by the lack of medical facilities) have already reduced life expectancy to prehistoric levels.

    The Anglican church moved far too slowly on this issue, but now that it has, my prayers are particularly with those who now have to rebuild the church in Zimbabwe, especially +Sebastian Bakare and all those clergy and people who were forced into exile under the Kunonga regime.

  • Alan Harrison says:

    Like Ben, I worship at a church whose congregation includes exiled Zimbabweans, as well as other refugees. We are praying for a just resolution of the situation there.

  • Fr Sam Philpott says:

    St Peter’s Plymouth will hold a Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe on Sunday 27th April 2008 from 10am – 4.30pm beginning with the Eucharist and concluding with Benediction of the Most Holy Sacrament.

    God bless Zimbabwe
    Guard her People
    Guide her Leaders
    Give Peace

  • Erika Baker says:

    Fr Sam
    thank you for your post. I told my priest about your prayer day and we’re now planning something along similar lines.

  • Adrian Smale says:


    Just want as many christians as possible to be aware (and attend if possible) a prayer meeting in the open air to be held in Salisbury Cathedral Close (lower marsh fields left of Harnham gate) this Saturday 21st June 10am-4pm. This is the last Saturday before the elections. Please come if you can and tell other christians about it.

    Thanks you and God Bless


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