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Gene Robinson in England

The Bishop of New Hampshire is currently in England for the UK launch of his book, In the Eye of the Storm.

There has been extensive press and broadcast coverage:

BBC Williams criticised by gay bishop

The Hardtalk interview can be viewed here but only for a week after transmission date.

He was also interviewed on the Sunday radio programme:

Gene Robinson
The issue of homosexuality continues to tear the Anglican Communion apart in the build-up to the 2008 Lambeth Conference. In June the conservatives who oppose the ordination of gay priests will meet in Jerusalem, in what some see as an alternative conference. Many of these will refuse to go on to Canterbury for the main meeting in July.

Meanwhile the gay Bishop, Gene Robinson, whose consecration brought this dispute to a head, shows no sign of backing out of the limelight. His latest book In the Eye of the Storm is published this week by the Canterbury Press. He explained why he wrote it.

Listen here (7 minutes).

Guardian Riazat Butt Williams disappoints God in not taking a stand, says gay bishop

The Times Gay rites; New Hampshire’s Bishop Gene Robinson is about to enter into a civil union

Daily Telegraph Gene Robinson: ‘It is a sin to treat me this way’

And the Church Times blog is following the story, here, and again in Can Lambeth bar Gene Robinson from preaching in England?

Bishop Robinson did speak in London, in a church, in 2005. It caused a fuss then, see here. And was reported fully in the Church Times as shown here.

About the book:

Read the preface by Desmond Tutu here.

Read three quotes printed on the back cover here.

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Spirit of Vatican II
16 years ago

Blessings on bishops Tutu, Harries and Robinson. May they map a place of love and freedom for the Christians of the future.

16 years ago

This Godly man will enjoy a heavenly reward, no matter how disrespected he is by the (increasingly evidently) ungodly at Lambeth.

Lord have mercy!

16 years ago

You can read an extract from the book here

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
16 years ago

“How would one recognise the Holy Spirit if one doesn’t appreciate all He does.” Well, there are different answers to this question. Rome would say one recognizes the actions of the Spirit in the ex cathedra statements of the Pope. The Orthodox would say that the actions of the Spirit are recognized when a particular doctrine or statement made nby the Synod of Bishops is accepted by the Church as a whole. That’s how they define the Seven Ecumenical Councils as such, while other councils are not recognized. As to us Anglicans, well, it seems to vary. Evangelicals would probably… Read more »

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