Thinking Anglicans

opinions just after Trinity

In The Times Roderick Strange writes about Corpus Christi in A simple supper in an upper room that feeds us still.

In the Guardian Stephen Heap discusses A truly secular approach can resolve conflicts between religious law and the law of the land.

Christians have no monopoly on morality, says Lisa Jardine, who is interviewed in in the New Statesman.

Also Julian Baggini writes that we need new ways to decide ethical issues in Now let the real battle begin.

Giles Fraser writes in the Church Times about Levelling with odd bedfellows.

Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph about The voices that Joan of Arc heard.

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Cheryl Va.
16 years ago

A delightful range of articles. I’ve always liked Joan of Arc, I confess to a fondness for souls who confound the authorities by proving beyond reasonable doubt what exists and is possible, even though the authorities deny it or try to bring it under their control. I similarly love Elisha and Elija, both of whoms consciousnesses were carried by Elisha after Elija’s body’s death. It amuses me no end to see Jews and Christians who despise and advocate against spiritists, yet here is one of their favourite prophets apparently transgressing a fundamental principle. A prophet who was then with Moses… Read more »

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