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GAFCON: Wednesday evening

More again from Jerusalem

Paul Handley in his Church Times blog writes about going to Herod’s Temple with the GAFCON pilgrims GAFCON: At Herod’s temple.

Ruth Gledhill reports in her blog at The Times What’s going on at Gafcon that Howard Ahmanson has been seen at GAFCON with a delegate’s badge around his neck.

Riazat Butt writes in her blog at The Guardian on Gafcon’s plans for the future of the Anglican Communion.

Martin Beckford in the Telegraph reports what Canon Vinay Samuel said Gafcon: Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams branded ‘a historical relic’.

Damian Thompson in his Holy Smoke blog in the Telegraph writes about Dr Nazir-Ali in The alternative Archbishop of Canterbury.

David van Biema writes in Time Threat of Anglican Schism Fizzles.

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Spirit of Vatican II
Spirit of Vatican II
15 years ago

Yup, as Goethe and Hegel said long ago: “You have rejected reason and understanding; you are doomed to collapse!”

Robert ian Williams
Robert ian Williams
15 years ago

Official Conference hand book is entitled
. ” The way , the life and the truth.”

In the very city were Outr lord walked and taught.

…..but still no mention of Our lord’s teaching on marriage and divorce , and what it means……
and the silence from those who proclaim the clarity and perspicuity of Holy Scripture!

Could it be beacuse every province represented at GAFCON endorses re-marriage and divorce, and there aare evangelicals present who believe that it is adultery and Common cause bishops who are re-married divorcees.

Where is traditional orthodox Anglicanism here?

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