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GAFCON: Thursday evening

updated late Thursday evening

Reports of GAFCON itself

George Pitcher in the Telegraph Anti-gay bishops are after power, not truth

Martin Beckford in the Telegraph Gafcon: Orthodox Anglicans feel betrayed by church structure

George Conger in Religious Intelligence Israel Minister welcomes Gafcon ‘pilgrims’ to Jerusalem

Judith Sudilovsky at Episcopal Life Online Nazir-Ali to boycott Lambeth Conference as ‘matter of conscience’

Ruth Gledhill in The Times Formation of a ‘church within a church’ for conservative Anglicans

And a comment from someone who has been reporting from GAFCON but today attended a different event in Jerusalem.

Iain Baxter in the Guardian comment is free section Marching with pride in Jerusalem

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Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
15 years ago

Ruth Gledhill reports the number of bishops unlikely to turn up for Lambeth as over 100. How sensible to speculate from this bottom-up position rather than the Pigott 250 that seems to have been plucked from nowhere. One hack rather wickedly suggests that this gives the BBC reporter the chance to write a story saying some 100 bishops have unexpectedly and suddenly decided to turn up at Lambeth – you know what I mean – he quotes his own figure of 250 as an “authorative source” …… The BBC must ammend this story or give us the workings behind this… Read more »

Martin Reynolds
Martin Reynolds
15 years ago

I have heard what George Pitcher writes before – at the highest levels – but never have I felt the argument so well put. Indeed there has been rather too much credibility given to these power hungry bishops …….. or was it rope, in fact. Well done George. Well done to Iain Baxter too. He has been a first rate embassy for LGCM and all lgbt folk – indeed all sensible Anglicans at GAFCON. In the BBC Radio4 piece yesterday he was the honest and faithful Christian dealing with an obscure Byzantine world … he was simply wonderful. It does… Read more »

Cheryl Va.
15 years ago

Thank you for Iain Baxter’s article. That march has given me as much pleasure as the attendance of approx 1000 souls at the Nigerian Changing Attitude conference. God loves it when the lost and strays come in from the wilderness on their own feet. May God bless, protect and guide them. There are several comments about a desire for authoritative power. Power and authority are strongly desired by some souls, and many claim to love Jesus because they that brings them gifts, including the power to evict and harm other souls. Such “strong” souls might succeed in shoving with butt… Read more »

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