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GAFCON: Friday evening

updated late Friday

More from Jerusalem

Riazat Butt in The Guardian At Gafcon, who calls the shots? subtitled “White conservative Anglican clergy are beginning to pull the strings, squeezing their African brothers out of the picture”

Damian Thompson in the Telegraph There is no Anglican schism
and Dr Nazir-Ali is being exploited at Gafcon

George Conger in Religious Intelligence Anglican traditionalists set to form a ‘church within a church’

Paul Handley in the Church Times blog GAFCON: Keeping the final communiqué under wraps

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15 years ago

Nazir-Ali as a ‘useful idiot’

Outstanding editorial and analysis!

Such a change from people not being able to understand him so assuming he must be brilliant and talking sense.

Robert ian Williams
Robert ian Williams
15 years ago

Apparently the Church of England in South Africa is represented at GAFCON..they already have lay presidency in operation.

Where is the outrage of the Anglo-Catholics?
A GAFCON CATECHISM…will it be as devious as their booklet, ” the Way , the life and the TRuth” which fudges differences and hides doctrinal disputes?

15 years ago

“There is no anglican Schism”

“CANA wins another round in VA”

Hummm…seems to me like GAFFCON just undermined it “missionary” efforts in TEC. If there is no schism, to where are the CANAnites fleeing? This is really turning into an episcopal popularity contest — one cannot move property just because one does not like the current bishop, now can one?

Something good CAN come out of GAFFCON afterall!

Göran Koch-Swahne
15 years ago

This member of the Global North agrees with Ms Butt!

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
15 years ago

The real GAFCON leadership is not just white Anglo-Saxon but also evangelical…however there are some conservative evangelicals who are disturbed hat GAFCON has become too inclusive , with toleration of Anglo-Catholics and female ordination.

As for Virginia, the diocese of Virginia shold have not been so lazy and changed the title deeds. It will be interesting to see whayt happens to the pre-1867 property.

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
15 years ago

The communique at GAFCON ( to be released on Sunday) met with a standing ovation.

However can I lay a bet now that there will be no reference to our Lords teaching on marriage and divorcor definitive statement as to what it means.

They will proclaim the sabnctity of marriage, but will not say what Constitutes Christian marriage.

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