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GAFCON: Saturday evening

Two more reports on the Church Times blog from Paul Handley in Jerusalem.
GAFCON: Galilee
The miracle of GAFCON

Robert Pigott of the BBC reports from Jerusalem that Anglican rift is about more than sex.

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Göran Koch-Swahne
15 years ago

And this self-gratulatory statement is “Transformed”? It’s the same tired Spin.

15 years ago

Does Mr Pigott have the benefit of any New Testament studies under his belt? Surely he could have challenge the Reverend Rod Thomas on his choice of text and reminded him that to quote from the Gospel according to S John one must always be aware of his theology of the pre-existent Logos. But once more we are faced with a ‘dumbed down’ BBC and inept reporting. Someday he will also recognise that he should speak of ‘conservatives and liberals’ and not misuse the word ‘traditionalist’.

15 years ago

I thought the BBC report was very poor too. This is what bothers me. When you see how distorted is a report in order to get it down to a maximum of two minutes, and you know something about the subject, what about all the other reports when you don’t know about the subject? All the journalists got themselves locked into a ‘it’s not going to happen/ less will happen’ mode of reporting at GAFCON because they had raised the bar far too high in the first place. If they’d listened to what was said by Orombi, and Jensen and… Read more »

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