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GAFCON: the Tuesday after

More reports on responses to the GAFCON final statement and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s response to it

Riazat Buttt in The Guardian Church of England: Archbishop confronts Anglican rebels

George Pitcher in the Telegraph Archbishop of Canterbury warns Gafcon over new church structures

George Pitcher and Graham Tibbetts in the Telegraph Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams warns rebels over Church of England split

Two articles at Episcopal Life Online
Archbishop of Canterbury calls conservative Anglicans’ proposals ‘problematic’
Presiding Bishop responds to GAFCON statement

Reflections on GAFCON by Tom Wright, the Bishop of Durham


  • Steven says:

    Just dropping by, and couldn’t help but comment on PB’s use of the term “emmission.” Hmmm. She’s obviously getting a bit testy there, but between the ruling in Virginia and GAFCON things have not been going that well for her lately. So, understandable.


  • Treebeard says:

    I thought the word ’emission’ sport on !

  • Treebeard says:


    I thought the word ’emission’ spot on !

  • JPM says:

    I think that emission was indeed a poor choice of words.

    Extrusion would have been much better!

  • JPM says:

    Regarding Tom Wright’s piece, am I to take it that he has actually been in his own diocese lately? What an interesting development!

  • JCF says:

    Oh, I think the PB is showing the good humor *deserved* by the GAFCON farce. Sometimes, ya gots to call an emission an “emission”!

  • Robert Ian Williams says:

    Pity that Bishop Schorri had not focused on the duplicity over divirce and re-marriage and the turning of a blind eye to Anglo-Catholic indifference to the Articles and thae fact TEC has never had the 1662 Prayer BOOK.

    Also the division over women should be exploited to show how hollow the claim to GAFCON orthodoxy and unity is.

  • Peter of Westminster says:

    emission (plural emissions)

    1. Something that is emitted…

    2. The act of sending or throwing out; the act of sending forth or putting into circulation;

    3. That which is sent out, issued, or put in circulation at one time;

    The word is grammatically correct and syntactically appropriate — I don’t see how it gives any insight into her current emotional state.

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