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GAFCON: today's reports

Updated to include more Church Times articles

Today’s Church Times has three reports from GAFCON.
GAFCON draws a mixed reception
Paul Handley New fellowship to unite ‘confessing Anglicans’ is born
Ed Beavan Jensen: ‘sleeping giant is roused’

The Church Times has this leader Leader: Treat GAFCON with respect
Paul Vallely comments in the Church Times GAFCON’s thinking is out of date.

Barbara McMahon in The Guardian profiles Archbishop Peter Jensen He is a very astute, very intelligent and able man. He is almost worshipped – what he wants he gets – subtitled “Figure behind Anglican schism is a puritan who sees no room for compromise”.

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David G
15 years ago

Gafcon is like the floating milkweed seed, trying to ingratiate itself into places not wanted!!

and we all know where weeds come from.

15 years ago

The familiar GAFCON spin is false and fake. Surely the summary sound bite that conservatives are feeling neglected, dissed, and ignored slyly sidesteps the point that the realignment obviously makes as it tries so hard to shift our context, presuppositionally. That point? That we must replace full tilt best practice scholarship and hypothesis testing with policing and punishment, all to reinforce traditional negative beliefs about queer folks (pointedly) and about human embodiment (generally). Too many conservative believers are feeling way too upset – mainly because: (A) slowly but surely, more and more of us really believe that too many negatives… Read more »

Robert ian Williams
Robert ian Williams
15 years ago

How can you treat with repect a movement founded on the principles of deceit and self-deception. Yes you can love them, but not approve the actions.

1) Claiming Scriptural clarity and yet not expounding the words of Our lord on divorce , which would expose divison, and expose the ridiculous and dangerous theory of sola Scriptura.

2) pretending unity exists when non such exists over the ordination of women.

3) Affirming the 39 articles and turning a blind eye to how the Anglo-Catholics Gafconites spurn their injunctions.

4) using the word Orthodox in the same way Humpty Dumpty used words!

Richard Ashby
Richard Ashby
15 years ago

‘There is a culture of fear in the diocese’ say one of the commentators about Archbishop Jensen. The Bishop of Newcastle (Australia) doesn’t like what he sees happening next door. The logical outcome is that those parishes which resent the imposed puritanization of the diocese should opt out and seek alternative episcopal oversight. What is sauce for the goose etc. And then perhaps that fine Anglo Catholic church in the heart of Sydney will be able to use full Eucharistic vestments and the chausuble can come out of the display case.

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
15 years ago

Sydney has already been planting churches in other dioceses, including Newcastle. Jensen says, “The Anglican Communion will now get a dose of order “…quoted in THe Tablet. Yet what about the disorder of GAFCON…. The Anglo-Catholics happily signed the declaration and are now back in their diocesan ghettoes practising the very ” Romanist” docctrines and rituals denounced! If you read the Virtue on line and Stand firm blogs , (and can stomach the sheer hatred), you will see how they dismiss and explain away the articles. So much for Order, Doctor Jensen! That was once called lawless by the anti-ritualists… Read more »

Göran Koch-Swahne
15 years ago

May the Church Times editorial about Appeasement remind you, on the one hand of the Deutsche “Christen” and the failed and rightly infamous policies of Mr Chamberlain… and of Bishop Bell, Mr Bonhoeffer, the Confessing Movement and Resistance on the other.

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