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Lambeth: some further reports

Riazat Butt wrote this morning for the Guardian about the forthcoming documentary on BBC2, Battle of the Bishops, to be shown next Monday evening. Read US bishop hits out at ‘demonic’ African church leaders.

The Christian Science Monitor had BOYCOTT UNDERSCORES ANGLICAN RIFT by Mark Rice-Oxley.

The Anglican Journal has Boycotting bishops at Lambeth cause ‘great grief’ by Marites N. Sison

Martin Beckford has Archbishop of Canterbury: Lambeth Conference won’t solve church’s problems in the Telegraph.

The BBC has Lambeth diary: Anglicans in turmoil and also Lambeth Conference: Anglican voices.

And also ‘I was a gay priest’ by Mark Vernon.

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15 years ago

IIRC, the old Wil Rogers line was “It ain’t what folks don’t know that troubles me – it’s what they know for certain that just ain’t so.”

Theo Hobson (whoever Theo Hobson might be when he’s at home) says that there has never been a Lambeth boycott before.

I guess he’s never heard of the first Lambeth Conference which was boycotted by a much larger (proportionally) number of bishops, including no less a personage than the Archbishop of York.

Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill
15 years ago

I’m also reminded of a line from “The King and I”:

“…That tho’ a man may be in doubt of what he know,
Very quickly he will fight…
He’ll fight to prove that what he does not know is so!”

15 years ago

Is this ‘Hammer of God’ in the same sense as Edward I is ‘Hammer of the Scots’?

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