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Lambeth: first Friday evening

Some more news reports and blogging from Canterbury today.

Rachel Boulding in the Church Times Dr Jefferts Schori: ‘We can get beyond sexuality’

Riazat Butt on the Guardian News blog Americans are calling the shots – with gusto – at Lambeth conference

The American bishops’ blog is here.

Ruth Gledhill Lambeth Diary: Nigerian bishop flees and also Lambeth Diary: Anglicans in Recovery.

Marites Sison Anglican Journal Lambeth prays for those present and those absent

Martin Beckford at the Telegraph has Archbishop of Canterbury faces calls to stop American clergy defecting.

Fulcrum points us to BBC World Service, where

This weekend the talking starts in earnest at the Lambeth Conference, the global meeting of the Anglican church that takes place once every ten years.
This year’s event is being overshadowed by fears of a split in the church – between liberals who support the ordination of openly gay bishops and clergy, and more traditionalist leaders who say that homosexuality is fundamentally a sin.
Ed Butler examines the theological basis for the rift in the Anglican Communion.

Those interviewed include Graham Kings and Colin Coward.

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Pat O'Neill
Pat O'Neill
15 years ago

Chris Sugden: “I think they want to take over the Communion and they want orthodox Anglicans out. They talk about diversity but it’s so obviously contradictory.”

It’s always fascinating to listen to someone condemn his opponents for doing exactly what he’s doing.

15 years ago

Riazat Butt has several inaccuracies. The Episcopal Church did not bring “battalions of gay rights activists.” They brought themselves. Likewise Gene Robinson is not forcing himself into the Lambeth Conference. He came to England. Last time I looked the citizens of both Britain and the US had freedom of movement.

15 years ago

I note that Martin Beckford’s piece in the Guardian quotes Chris Sugden as saying, “(The Liberals) talk about diversity but it’s so obviously contradictory.” Pat (previous commenter), I think we can say with assurance that the conservatives (particularly the GAFCON bunch) are NOT contradictory. After all, they alone – well, along with a few other fundamentalist versions of the world’s religions — know the one true way … and all others must capitulate to that way. To paraphrase Keith Olbermann … Those who see absolutes where all others see nuances and shades of meaning are either prophets or quacks. I… Read more »

15 years ago

“Dr Williams will also be urged to prevent orthodox Anglicans, who believe the Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong, from setting up a new province in North America to rival the Episcopal Church of the USA, which triggered the current crisis by electing the first openly gay bishop in the worldwide Communion.”

I PROTEST Martin Beckford’s propagandizing just *who* “orthodox Anglicans” are, and what they believe! (Never mind who actually “triggered the current crisis”).

I’m going to continue to refer to Beckford’s rag as the Tell-a-lie…

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