Thinking Anglicans

opinions as Lambeth draws to a close

The Scotsman carries an article by Kelvin Holdsworth Scotland leads on tolerance – will the Church of England follow?

The Guardian has Jonathan Magonet writing about the new Reform Judaism prayer book in Face To Faith.

Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph about A flinty treat at Southwold.

Jonathan Sacks writes in The Times that: It is the young who will likely put an end to knife crime.

The Church Times has a leader: The challenge to do miracles.

And Giles Fraser writes: Beware of the morality of legalism.

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Sara MacVane
Sara MacVane
15 years ago

Church Times: The Anglican Commuion was made for man…… is it so hard to use inclusive language? (I agree with the point made though)

Cheryl Va.
15 years ago

The young will lead in many of the required reforms. The old who do not care about the future (e.g. they won’t be alive to see the end of the oil age) can not be relied upon to create just and sustainable civilizations. Thugs who only care about themselves and their cronies similarly can not be relied upon to foster peace and justice. The future belongs to those who embrace that we are all in this together and that any solution that seeks to deprive justice to any group is an anethema to peace. The credibility of churches, governments, organisations… Read more »

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
15 years ago

Reform Judaism knows all about exclusion from Orthodox Judaism, maybe Chief Rabbi Sacks should have made this analogy when he addressed Lambeth.

In no circumstances as an Orthodox Jew will he recognise the spiritual reality of so-called Reform Judaism.

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