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Lambeth: Reflections document published

The final version of the Reflections document is now available at Lambeth Indaba Reflections.

The Notes are separate as a PDF.

A PDF version of the main document is here.


  • Charlotte says:

    From the Notes:

    “In Section H, the difficult questions around the tensions over homosexuality are explored, leading into a reflection on the authority of scripture in Anglican thinking in Section I. While there is a fairly common view of the authority of scripture, these [scl. “there”?] is no agreement on the understanding of homosexuality.”

    As I recall, one of the 1998 Lambeth Resolutions tried to say that the assembled bishops “were not all of one mind” on homosexuality. This was, and is, a plain statement of fact, but it was destined to be steamrollered by the badly misconceived Lambeth 1.10.

    It has taken us 10 years and much pain to begin to undo the damage caused by Lambeth 1.10, but the healing has begun, praise be to the Living Christ! The assembled bishops of the Anglican Communion once again accept that Anglicans do not agree, and cannot be forced to agree, on a single understanding of homosexuality. Yet Anglicans can continue to live and worship together, though at a steep price symbolized by the first two of the three Windsor moratoria.

    But alas! this good result has come about not least because the engineers of Lambeth 1.10 (to name three names: Martyn Minns, Chris Sugden, and Stephen Noll) have voluntarily withdrawn themselves into GAFCON, and taken a number of African provinces with them, at least temporarily. Here is lasting damage.

  • Treebeard says:

    Yes, the engineers have banished themselves to obscurity. And Geo Carey who permited the debacle, has now gone on to greater things, himself…

  • Cynthia Gilliatt says:

    “Yet Anglicans can continue to live and worship together, though at a steep price symbolized by the first two of the three Windsor moratoria.”

    Yes, a high price indeed. How mamny more years at the back of the Anglican Communion bus for glbt people? How many glbt people imprisoned, beated, killed in places like Nigeria, while Akinola cheers on the sidelines?

    And number three has cost the border crossers exactly nothing, while it is costing, for example, the Diocese of Virginia, large amounts of money to try and recover the property held in trust for TEC but currently being squatted in by the neo-Africans led by Minns etc.

    Four of the transgressing primates llifted their episcopal skirts and delicately stayed away from Lambeth – the fifth has already announced his intenetion of paying the third no mind when he deems it nnecesary.

    Sorry – this echoes a commment on another thread here in TA, but I am sick and bloody tired of the fiction that both glbt people and vagrant bishops will be affected equally by the moratoria. This has been the case since Windsor and every subsequent bloviation about moratoria.

  • textjunkie says:

    They stand in solidarity with many around the world, but not with those who are beaten and imprisoned or killed for being gay. Way to go… 🙁

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