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Lambeth: the Economist weighs in

The Economist has several articles about the Lambeth Conference:

The high price of togetherness
The bishops got on fine for a while—but was it only a holiday romance?

Anyone for Schadenfreude?
What Roman Catholics fear from an Anglican split.

Leader: United we fall
The writhings of worldwide Anglicanism are another reason to disestablish the Church of England.

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Cheryl Va.
15 years ago

One can almost hear some Catholic prayers: “Dear Lord, please keep the Anglican Communion together. We don’t know what to with sexually active married priests.” Not only do the Anglican Communion appear to benefit from “fudges”, the same “fudges” enable others to keep their peace and not be confronted with the untenability of their paradigms. How does Catholicism benefit from Anglicanism? A priest who cannot be sexually celibate, can still remain “Catholic” within the Anglican Communion. If the burden of Catholicism is too high, they have no right to complain if others relieve their donkeys of their burdens, or readjust… Read more »

15 years ago

I would think the Catholic church might be concerned for a reason opposite the one mentioned in the article. Sure there will be some conservative Anglicans fleeing to Rome. But a number of Episcopalians I know are former Catholics fleeing sexism and homophobia and general stupidity about all matters related to gender and sexuality. If the Anglican Communion splits and our part of it is finally free to be inclusive, welcoming, and empowering for women and LGBT people, and not having to fight those battles also free to apply the power of the gospel to other matters of justice and… Read more »

Craig Nelson
15 years ago

Although I have sharply criticised ++Rowan on different occasions I don’t do so here and think that he is actually a relatively straightforward and sincere person. I don’t think he’s hidden anything but neither has he rushed in to lead the Communion where it might not (yet) be ready to go. History will of course judge but the question is how do you facilitate a *process* around the Communion that allows the differeing considerations on human sexuality to proceed prayerfully and charitably (unlike at Lambeth 1998). I think people are reading ++Rowan wrong. They are seeing him compromise his core… Read more »

15 years ago

I want to reaffirm what Phyllis said: since anti-LGBT Anglicans make so much noise and get so much press, they are what the world hears about.

Any number of pro-LGBT RCs I’ve spoken with, just don’t see enough DIFFERENCE between the RCC and the Anglicans, to make the switch (“better the devil we know” they say).

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Craig, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your so perceptive article – above. The denigrators of the ABC are from both camps – so the probablity is that he is doing something right. His personal integrity cannot be impugned, and anyone who has read his prodigious output in serious theological discoursec would admit to his grasp on things spiritual, as well as physical. Remember, even the patriarchs Peter and Paul didn’t always get things right. The task of Primus-inter-pares is very different from that of the Pope – who has absolute rule over the teaching of… Read more »

15 years ago

How can someone willing to say they believe something they do not have any integrity? I don’t think Williams has either integrity or credibility.

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