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Andrew Brown in The Guardian Dr Williams’ contortions

Mary Ann Sieghart in the Times Rowan Williams was selected as a liberal and now he should govern as one

Roderick Strange writes about Edith Stein in the Times The life and death of a German Jewish Christian nun.

Dr Bernard Ratigan in The Guardian writes that The needs of young people brought up in homonegative faiths are being neglected.

Justin Thacker in The Guardian God and evolution can coexist

Tom Frame in the Church Times Jesus’s checklist for good leadership

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15 years ago

What an important article from Dr Rattigan the psychoanalyst. What a vital article from Bernard Ratigan the devout RC Christian.

Gives me a little hope.

Cheryl Va.
15 years ago

Thacker’s insight is brilliant “The problem with Dawkins, though, is that he fails in his task because he seems unable to prevent himself from argumentative overreach.” Same principle often applies to legalistic puritans. I liked Tom Frame’s suggestions. The bible is redolent with imagery calling on the priests to love and care for the sheep, including seeking out the lost. It is also firmly against abuse of the sheep, building high mounds and being prepared to sacrifice children. When Jesus asked the disciples if they loved him, he called on them to demonstrate that love by nurturing the flocks. Jesus… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Thank you, Simon, for giving us access to Dr. Rattigan’s insightful article on this thread. Now, surely, while our Bishops are gathering their wits after Lambeth, is the right time for articlesxlike this to assist in their engagement with the latest scientific knowledge about the amazing diversity of our human sexual responses. This should help to bring reason into the traditional Anglican thesis of the need for the theological bases of our faith: Scripture, Tradition and Reason. From ‘Sola Scriptura’, and a renewed idea of Tradition, we need to explore, at least, the eminently reasonable revelations of the world of… Read more »

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