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Lambeth: another English perspective

This one is from the Bishop of Guildford, Christopher Hill.

Read the transcript of his audio interview in this PDF file: Lambeth Conference 2008 Mark Rudall talks to Bishop Christopher Hill, Bishop of Guildford.

The audio itself is linked from this page.

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15 years ago

“But in the Archbishop’s final presidential he was very clear that we are committed to – that we are committing ourselves to – a covenantal – a covenant – process. There’s clearly a definite steer for that from the Lambeth Conference. Some bishops are critical of some parts of the earlier drafting of it. Not least there will be continuing discussion about what teeth it will have, but clearly a covenant does have to have some teeth, and that was recognised. So that’s very important.” Ah, yes: “teeth”—for the good, Christ-like practice of BITING those w/ the temerity to disagree… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Yes, JCF, I think most of our Bishops are decent. But like executives in any corporation, they sometimes have a tendency to take note of the loudest voices in the Boardroom. One reason why some of them with the loudest voices stayed away from this Lambeth 2008, was that they were warned beforehand that there would be no executive decisions made there. And, in fact, the Bishops were going to have to stay silent in Retreat for the first couple of days, and actually listen – first, to the ABC, and then, to ‘Hear what the Spirit might be saying… Read more »

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