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Geoffrey Rowell writes in The Times about writing your own obituary, Providence takes us back to the history of the future.

Christopher Howse writes in the Telegraph about how Bees are eating Lichfield Cathedral.

And Craig Brown writes that Pop memorabilia are the holy relics of our time.

Also, George Pitcher comments on No women with top Church of England jobs.

At the Guardian David Bradnack argues that The Christian creed is full of bad science that makes it a religion of deception.

And Sue Blackmore writes about the teaching of science in Opening minds.

Giles Fraser’s Church Times column is about Joining the New Orleans resurrection.

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15 years ago

I would think it good if the creed was dropped from reciting. It is an inheritance and is like a roundabout for the traffic to go around, but that’s all. It is worth and nod and contradicting. The science people in the Dawkins’ programme said they did not overtly challenge religious beliefs because they were dealing with teenagers and their identities. Well the RE lessons should be where the different views are put; the RE lesson is where abstract learning reaches out. It is in RE lessons that views of creation should include the challenge of evolution, in science lessons… Read more »

Cheryl Va.
15 years ago

The problem is not what Jesus is or was ordained to be. Rather it is with priests who contrive to make Jesus what they need to support their edifices. Many priests’ theology is a selfish and opportunistic as the Jews Jesus debated against in his time. Some of it is plain laughable. In making Jesus the complete and perfect fulfillment of God, they have committed idolatry against the Father and dismissed the Holy Spirit as separate and discrete consciousnesses with their own likes and dislikes, gifts, talents and capacity. They have made Jesus the laughing stock of the universe as… Read more »

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