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At Thinking Anglicans readers sometimes ask us how they can know when there are new articles or new comments. One way, of course, is to visit the site and have a look. But that is not very convenient, particularly if you are looking for new comments on an article published sometime ago (such as the one on the Church Representation Rules 2006 which is still attracting comments).

A more convenient way is to use our RSS* feeds. These feed new content from our site to, for example, a website which you can then check from time to time for updates. We have two.

for this site
for comments on this site

If you click on these links you will be taken to a list of links to recent articles or comments with some or all of the actual text. What’s most convenient though is to subscribe to our feeds with an RSS reader such as Bloglines. There’s also Live Bookmarks in the Firefox browser and the News & Blogs feature in the Thunderbird email program.

How to subscribe to our feeds
We’ve made it easy for you to subscribe to our feeds. Follow the link to one of our feeds and click on the “Subscribe Now” button at the top. By default you will be subscribed using Bloglines. Then do the same for the other feed. Then whenever you visit the Bloglines website you will be able to see our latest articles and comments.

If you want to try other readers there is a short drop-down list above our “Subscribe Now” button or a longer list here.

*You don’t need to know what RSS stands for to use the feeds, but it is “Really Simple Syndication”.

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15 years ago

Is there any chance you guys will be providing full text RSS push in the future instead of teasers only?

This is a particularly useful feature for those of us on mobile readers.

Right now, reading a full article from Ang.Mainstream via RSS still means I need to pull up the website (which I am often motivated to do).

Keep up the good work.

15 years ago

A full-text RSS halves the effort. A teaser RSS doubles it. Teaser RSS is just for site revenue, not for discourse. So I second the SanDiegoAnglicans. Thanks for everything else.

15 years ago

I see that right now there are 123 subscribers to TA on Bloglines. I like it especially as my blog reading history is preserved over the several computers I use on a weekly basis.

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