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Is Christianity curable?

Two weeks ago, Paul Vallely the associate editor of the Independent newspaper and regular contributor to the Church Times published this comment piece: A suitable case for treatment? in which he considers the benefits to society of reorientating Christians.

I would not set myself up as a medical specialist on the subject – to borrow a phrase from the Bishop of Chester – but it is clear that some people who feel themselves to be religious can, with psychiatric help, reorientate themselves. Being a Christian is now a curable condition.
There are those deluded folk who assume that Christianity is not a lifestyle choice, but a gift from the Almighty. I want to help them on this. Modern mental-health care has a number of techniques, including aversion therapy, which can significantly reduce religious cravings, or, at least, stop people acting on them in a way that is unnatural.

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Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee
20 years ago

On a more serious note, if one belongs to one of the ‘Global-South’ churches, one really do wonder if Christianity is curable. Some excerpts from the Singapore Cathedral website On Masturbation – ‘2. Sexual fantasies are often involved in the act of masturbation. Jesus taught that it is a sin to lust after another person (Mt 5:28). Sometimes sexual fantasies may involve an imaginative person or invisible person. There is a danger of opening a door to sexual spirits or having sex with an unclean spirit.’ On Trinitarian Theology (and visiting recreational spas) – “Our bodies are temples of… Read more »

20 years ago

The latest “global south” view (posted because I think there is integrity in his (Abp. Malango’s) position):

“Letter from Archbishop Malango to Presiding Bishop Griswold”:

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