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John Rodgers criticises Ian Ernest

AMiA Theologian Challenges CAPA Chairman Over Nature of the Church reads the headline at Anglican Mainstream South Africa. The article begins:

A theologian and former seminary Dean says that Archbishop Ian Ernest, chairman of the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa (CAPA), misunderstands the nature of the church when the prelate recently called upon the African church to put aside its differences and engage with its theological opponents within the Anglican Communion.

The Rt. Rev. Dr. John H. Rodgers addressed the Primate of the Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean and Bishop of Mauritius saying Ern[e]st misunderstands the nature of the Church failing to see the difference between the Church Visible and the Church Invisible…

Read it all here.

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15 years ago

That’ll show him! (Not)

I swear, w/ enemies like Rodgers, who needs friends?

[But seriously: Lord have mercy!]

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“Archbishop Ernest said he does not despair. He hopes love and unity will prevail to build the church of God. But that will not happen unless and until the nature of the church is addressed and truth prevails. Then and only then will we see true love and unity.” This statement of Archbishop Ernest revives my hopes for the CAPA leadership. His critic, Doctor Rodgers obviously is against the eirenic efforts of the CAPA Chair to counsel the need for unity in Faith, against the re-Asserters’ lust for schismatic separation from the historic Primacy of Canterbury, the Anglican Consultative Council,… Read more »

15 years ago

“Clearly, as Western pan-Anglicanism slowly disintegrates with orthodox dioceses, parishes and individuals fleeing in the US, Canada and now the UK”

Really? Is he ahead of time or is this an intention? What we see here nevertheless is the sectarian spirit at work, dividing and splitting as they will do.

15 years ago

WOW Dr. R has it that a main sign of God in our church life is the policing and punishment of believers who are Anglican and who differ? Ethically, this is curious indeed, and so far has only led to ends justify means ethics in a whole range of conservative Anglican realignment campaign practices. We should sign on, right away? Theologically, this is curious indeed. We have no past Anglican successes which could guide us in handling our present hot button Anglican differences? War, policing, punishment, conformity are our only safe roads, back to the closed Status Quo? Doesn’t Dr.… Read more »

Regi L U T C H M A Y A
Regi L U T C H M A Y A
14 years ago

+ Bp Rodgers seems to be the typical Anglican in
failing to appreciate the main meandering line to cut across the various answers to the same simple question.
I find myself agreeing entirely with + Abp Ian ERNEST – forget the technicalities, concentrate on the binding love of JC – Ubi Caritas et Amor
Unless we can reconcile ourselves to that concept
we are on a losing battle – a lost soul wandering
about with no aim & purpose

God Bless

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