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more reports on Fort Worth

Updated Sunday evening

The New York Times has Diocese in Texas Leaves Episcopal Church by Gretel C Kovach.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has Fort Worth Episcopal Diocese votes to dissociate from national church by Terry Lee Goodrich.

Associated Press has Fort Worth is 4th Episcopal diocese to break away by Rachel Zoll.

And the Dallas Morning News has a later version of its report, Fort Worth Diocese splits from Episcopal Church.

For earlier news reports see previous article.

A statement by The Steering Committee North Texas Episcopalians can be found here.

A statement by Fort Worth Via Media can be found here.

Sunday evening update

There is a transcript of the press conference here.

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Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“The continuing but reorganised Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth will adopt an open-arms posture which will welcome back home those who have left the Church today, should they one day find they want once more to be part of the historic church which has functioned here since the mid-nineteenth century as part of the Episcopal Church”. – The Steering Committe of North Texas Continuing Episcopalians – This is a gracious statement issued by the loyal Episcopalians remaining faithful to their Mother Church in TEC. Although one regrets the necessity of having to make such a statement, it is in this… Read more »

Dallas Bob
Dallas Bob
15 years ago

Though it is a shame it has come to this, this is in many ways a joyous day for the beleagured faithful Episcopalians in Fort Worth who simply want to be Episcopalians. Now they no longer have to deal with the strange extremists who have left to start their own church. Jack Iker is now only an ex-bishop with no authority over Episcopalians. Fort Worth can now join the mainstream of the National Episcopal Church. Meanwhile those of us in Dallas who are faithful Episcopalians will continue to be embarrassed by the anti-Episcopal Church message coming from our diocesan office… Read more »

15 years ago

“The New York Times has ‘Diocese in Texas Leaves Episcopal Church'”

I’ll give the schismatics this much: they’ve captured the narrative of even the (so-called) “liberal media”. >:-(

Lord have mercy!

15 years ago

“We are for preserving the unity of the church and for mending the tear in the fabric of our beloved communion,” said Iker”

“Unity” through schism, and “mending” through ripping: Big Brother would be so proud of you, xJack!

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
15 years ago

Iker’s ” beloved communion” now has a majority of provinces ordaining women to the priesthood, and 16 agreeing to women bishops.

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