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still more reports on Fort Worth

Updated twice Monday afternoon

Bishop Jack Iker issued this statement to be read in parishes yesterday.

Katie Sherrod has detailed comments on it here.

The Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone issued this statement of greeting to Fort Worth.

The official report of the convention voting results is here.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram has another news report, After Fort Worth Diocese breakaway, area Episcopalians were back in church Sunday by Terry Lee Goodrich.

Monday afternoon updates
George Conger reports for Religious Intelligence Fort Worth votes to secede from Episcopal Church.

Mark Harris has some analysis of the press conference, at Bishop Iker asks some questions, doesn’t answer others.


  • Father Ron Smith says:

    “The amendments (to the Constitution of the Diocese of Fort Worth) also add the Bishop as a member of the Board, he was not previously. Again you can see a bunch of prior planning to try and wrestle the property of TEC away from the TEC and into local control.” – ‘Est Anima Legis’ –

    If this is true, then surely the secession of the Diocese of Fort Worth from the family of TEC was already being planned at the time of agreement to this amendment. How sad, then, that this was not foreseen and resisted at the time. Still, it is too late now for regrets. The Bird has flown.

    Now we await the feathers that will fly from the various assorted fowl being corralled by the newly ‘anointed’ Bishop Bobby Duncan – who will be hoping to wrest ‘Cock-of-the-Roost’ primacy from Gregory Venables, host of the newly-emerging Church of the FOCA in North America.

    “So Fair and Fowl a night I have not seen” – Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

  • Malcolm+ says:

    “That ball was fair!”
    “That ball was foul!”
    “So fair a foul I have not seen!” – Wayne and Schuster, A Comedy of Errors, Hits and Runs


  • Father Ron Smith says:

    Dear Malcolm,

    You have introduced me into the real world of American Shakespearean artistry with this video clip. Please, everyone one of you seeking respite from the present call to arms – look upon this video, and laugh, perchance to enjoy.

  • Malcolm+ says:

    Get thee likewise hence to imbibe this recasting of My Lord Abbott and yon knave Costello in the manner of the bard.

  • Ford Elms says:


    Newfoundland nationalist and lukewarm Canadian though I be, you take that back! Wayne and Shuster are Canadian. Next thing you’ll be saying Dunkin Donuts is better than Tim’s!

  • Pat O'Neill says:

    FWIW, Wayne and Schuster were Canadians.

  • Father Ron Smith says:

    Ford, Pat, & Malcolm. Profound apologies for my crassness in pronouncing the venerables Wayne and Schuster to be Americano. Shame on me! However, I am puzzled at Pat’s inference that W. & S. WERE Canadians. Have they fled the coop, into CANA? If so, what mirth is about to be released into the old FOCA at home.

  • Malcolm+ says:

    The use of the past tense is because they have now a better country – an heavenly.

  • Father Ron Smith says:


    I’ve only just caught up with your last post on this thread. When you speak of Wayne & Schuster as being now resident in ‘a better country – an heavenly’, are you speaking of that God-zone the United States of America, or Paradise? Curious.

  • Ford Elms says:

    Sadly, Wayne and Shuster have, as the Orangemen say, “Passed to the Great Reward”.

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