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update on Quincy

Updated Friday evening

The Living Church reports that the former bishop of Quincy, who recently retired suddenly just before the diocese voted to align with the Southern Cone, has accepted a new assignment, see Bishop Ackerman Accepts Call to Springfield.

ENS reports that QUINCY: Diocese begins to reorganize after split.

There is a report overnight that

Members of the Cathedral parish of the Diocese of Quincy voted Thursday night to not be “realigned” or “removed” to the Anglican province of the Southern Cone in a 181 to 35 vote.

According to Episcopal Café four hundred of the diocese’s 1850 members belong to the cathedral parish, and it accounts for 22 percent of Quincy’s average Sunday attendance.

There is more information here.

Friday evening update

ENS has QUINCY: Cathedral to stay in the Episcopal Church and the Living Church has Quincy’s Cathedral Parish Won’t Join Southern Cone.

And there is this press release about a forthcoming meeting.

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15 years ago

I sincerely hope TEC’s House of Bishops will have something (Negative!) to say about this SHELLGAME that ?Beckwith and xAckerman are trying to pull.

Martin Reynolds
15 years ago

Peter Beckwith says there are three types of Anglican “revisionist”, “institutionalst” and “loyalist”. He defines them like this: “The first group denies the authority and catholic teaching of Holy Scripture.” “The second group may very well profess an orthodox faith, but …..this position has all the hallmarks of idolatry because it would appear to value the institution of the Church more than God and the Gospel.” “orthodoxy views personal experience through the lens of Scripture. …….the Kingdom of God cannot be achieved on our terms and we understand the audacity of suggesting our words are God’s words rather than striving… Read more »

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
15 years ago

“firmly in the “institutionalist” group.”

Maybe, but given this statement

“The first group denies the authority and catholic teaching of Holy Scripture.”

he is clearly in the “lying and reviling” group.

mynsterpreost (=David Rowett)
15 years ago

I’ve just been given a press clipping from ‘Ringing World’, in which our local independent grand imperial white wizard and archimandrite, Mar Thingummy of Barrow hails his connection with the Southern Cone. These secessionists are getting into bed (so to speak) with some very strange people.

It has to be said, though, that it may be a good promotion route. I met our local independent, then candidating for (mere CofE ordination), only about 15 years ago. Now he’s an archbishop, and probably Oecumenical Exarch of the Isle of Axholme, while I’m still just an ordinary parish priest.

Robert Ian Williams
Robert Ian Williams
15 years ago

Read the comments on Stand Firm about the Cathedral voting not to leave TEC….they are very uncharitable…in fact vile…. remembers the warning words of St Paul about having faith which is rendered null by lack of charity.

Prior Aelred
15 years ago

Robert Ian Williams:

I believe that your comment would apply pretty much universally were you to omit the words “about the Cathedral voting not to leave TEC” (I exaggerate … perhaps .. just a little …)

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

Is the ‘Stand-Firm’ web-site even more vitriolic than ‘Virtue-on-line’? I can’t believe it! What amuses me about the last-named site is it’s so obvious misnomer. And as for the first; it sounds like an ad for Viagra – very anti-women.

Ford Elms
Ford Elms
15 years ago

“What amuses me about the last-named site is it’s so obvious misnomer.” I know! It’s incredibly puerile, I think, to laugh at someone else’s name, but in this context, I can’t help myself. It’s like some sort of Bizarro world if what gets said there can be classed as virtue. I posted there once several years ago, not at all my usual tone, calmly suggesting that they tone down the rhetoric, that I did not challenge their position, but that their behaviour was not a good representation of the Gospel, and that such anger and venom damaged their cause. It… Read more »

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