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The Diocese of Los Angeles held its annual convention last weekend.

News reports:

Los Angeles Times Episcopal Diocese of L.A. officially condones the blessing of gay unions by Jessica Garrison

The bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles has announced that church leaders can bless the unions of same-sex couples as a matter of policy.

The Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, whose diocese encompasses Los Angeles County and five other Southern California counties, made the announcement Friday during a diocesan convention in Riverside.

Bruno acted just days after hundreds of conservative Episcopal congregations in North America formed a breakaway church amid a rift that began with the ordination of a gay bishop in New Hampshire five years ago.

Bruno’s declaration is not expected to have a major effect on Episcopal churches in Southern California. Many have been blessing gay unions for years. But he has now made it official…

Riverside Press-Enterprise At Riverside convention Episcopalians say no to ban on gay bishops by David Olson

In a move that presaged yet another battle over homosexuality at a national Episcopal Church meeting, delegates to the Los Angeles Diocese’s convention voted overwhelmingly Saturday to support lifting a moratorium on consecrating bishops who are in same-sex relationships…

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15 years ago

cat + pigeons?

15 years ago

Praise Christ! Alleluia!

Father Ron Smith
Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

If there really is such a thing as an intrinsically gay person, then I can see how Bishop Bruno felt the need to confound hypocrisy and get on with what his diocese has proposed – to allow for the episcopal ordination of a gay person – whether in or out of relationship with another person of the same gender. The question is: ‘Does the magisterium of the Church have the moral persuasive power to deny what has been seen by many people in the Church to be a matter of common human justice?’ Where does the possibility of special enlightenment… Read more »

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