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Presiding Bishop at National Press Club

The Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church addressed the National Press Club, in Washington DC.

There is a transcript of her speech here.

There is an audio recording which also includes the extended Question and Answer session here.

A video recording of the event is over here.


  • choirboyfromhell says:

    “…..fear is not the answer.”


  • drdanfee says:

    …that religious voice lives in hope …

    wow does this lady ever put a witness lead step wrong, except natch from closed rightwing religious frames?

    Thank goodness, thank God. I readily entertain that she is brought forward in TEC, just for the current troubled Anglican era of forced conservative realignments, backed up by stealing stuff because those are God’s revealed privileges. If Yahweh as an ancient near eastern deity can freely beat up all the other ancient near eastern deities, his believers can beat up on all the other believers and the unbelievers, too.

    How amazing that she can offer an open modern witness without needing to scapegoat anybody in any sort of closed penal transaction frames.

    The reason I’m an Anglican believer, then. What a blessing she is for me and mine. We’re all in this together, globally, … yes even those running fast backwards with all their might in the most extreme conservative believer communities.

  • Father Ron Smith says:

    What a brave, thoughtful and wonderful speech by Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori to the National Press Club in New York. How faithfully she has outline the real priorities in the Church and the world of today. If there were any need to question the validity of Katherine’s episcopal mana in the American Church of today, one should be compelled to listen to – better witness – her sincerity in this most spiritual of ministries to TEC at this time.

    May God richly bless Bishop Katharine, and all who support her charismatic leadership of the Church in the US, and as a true leader in the Communion at this time.

    How different from the ‘leadership’ of a certain other Prelate in the Communion who has been allowed to Chair the Anglican Communion’s Ecumenical Affairs ‘Standing Commission’s meeting in Kyoto recently. Bishop Drexel Gomez would seem to prefer exclusion rather than the Christian policy of inclusion; which makes him a doubtful contender in the ecumenical stakes. Why does this Bishop retain such a high profile in the world-wide Communion, one wonders?

  • Lynn says:

    Fr. Ron,

    Just to help your perspective on her prepared remarks, she was at the NPR in Washington, DC. She was right on target for that audience, and no doubt that will earn her the usual criticism. If only some would remember there many ways to guide hearts to living as our Lord taught us…yes, “the second is like unto it,” even for the Washington press corps!

    “It is the rare few that are consumed by conflict, and they tend not to last; for intense and prolonged conflict is not life-giving. Help us tell the stories of transformation, of moving toward that hopeful future for which the world hungers. Help us tell the world that fear is not the answer.”

  • bobinswpa says:

    I think ++KJS is the best bet for growth with those who maybe skeptics, seekers and/or marginally religious. She seems able to speak to those who want a thinking persons church.
    What a breath of fresh air in Christendom.

  • susan hedges says:

    “But of course her biggest sin is that she did not mention Jesus once!”

    That will be the first and biggest complaint from our brethren in the conservative wing…

  • BillyD says:

    “”But of course her biggest sin is that she did not mention Jesus once!””

    I didn’t count her references to OLJC or notice the lack thereof, but it might be expected that a bishop might at least make a reference to him during a speech to the nation.

  • Lynn says:

    Well, well. Who’s spinning what top at Virtue Online about this?

    “VirtueOnline was one of a small group of media invited to hear Episcopal Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori speak to the National Press Club in Washington DC this week. What she had to say about Religion in the Public Square left much to be desired, but what she had to say about the current state of The Episcopal Church was filled with flat out lies and half truths.”

    A “small group,” which included every member of the NPC and people on variety mailing lists. I almost bought a ticket to the luncheon, but had a conflict. I honestly don’t remember how I was “invited” – but about $25.00 opened the door for lunch and the ++Katharine’s presentation.

    When the first sentence is a lie, I ignore the rest of an article. I’m sure his “exclusive access” impressed those not in the know, however.

  • Father Ron Smith says:

    “It is the rare few that are consumed by conflict, and they tend not to last; for intense and prolonged conflict is not life-giving. Help us tell the stories of transformation, of moving toward that hopeful future for which the world hungers. Help us tell the world that fear is not the answer.” Posted by: Lynn on Thursday, 18 December 2008 at 3:35am GMT

    Lynn. Whoever made that statement originally, I do think it contains much truth. Apropos, Bishop Katharine and Archbishop Rowan are two of a kind in this sense: that they both refuse to get ruffled by controversy, and consequently people want them to pronounce definitively on subjects which require more than just a simple answer.

    Both have been criticised because of what some have called their lack of leadership. What some are looking for is the qualities of ‘leadership’ shown by some other prelates in the Communion – like Akinola, Nazir-Ali and the Archbishop of Sydney, whose tactics of evangelism are based on Christian fundamentalism rather than a more eirenic approach which flows from the gospel.

    Let us pray that the confrontationalists may soon tire of their protestations, allowing the bedrock Church to get on with the business of preaching and living out the extravagance of God’s love, in Jesus Christ, for the whole world

    Joy to the World, the Christ has come!

  • Ford Elms says:

    “filled with flat out lies and half truths.”

    Reading David Venom makes my eyes bleed, but we need specifics on this. Really, I can’t read the bile this man spews out, so I’m relying on others to tell me what these “lies and half truths” were. I’m loath to cut him any slack, but given the lies and half truths coming from the right, many of them magnified by this very man, this statement at its best is the pot calling the kettle black. Personally, it looks to me like one of those out and out lies he mentioned.

  • Ford Elms says:

    Wow. So what is VenomOnline calling lies and half truths? The only thing I would disagree with is:
    “Our national policies have given Cuba something more like terminal pneumonia”

    Considering that after the collapse of Communism, Cuba rejigged its farming industry into multi-crop operations that are sustainable and energy efficient, not to mention environmentally sound, unlike the agribiz of most Western democracies that is not only environmentally unsound, but a potential source of major health risks, especially antibiotic resistance, I’d say terminal pneumonia is a poor descriptor of Cuba.

    As to the “She doesn’t mention Jesus” crowd, well what do you expect from them? First, in their eyes she can neither do nor say anything right. Her very existence in the position she occupies is, for them, deplorable if not out and out sinful. They have convinced themselves she is the archpagan, the high priestess of TEC’s pseudoWicca, so must be attacked, however falsely, at every opportunity. She didn’t declare that unless everyone signs on to a particularly narrow view of Christianity, they will all go to Hell. Therefor, to some, she has at best omitted Jesus, if not denied Him. Bu to all but the most soulless and judgemental, her position is quite clearly rooted in the Christian tradition, with its hope for eventual perfection, its acknowledgement that that can only come from God, but that we have to work for it anyway. So no misrepresentation on her part, Venomonline to the contrary, but lots of it on the part of Conservatives. That anyone could be so soulless and self absorbed as to misrepresent her while accusing her of that very thing, and of which she is manifestly NOT guilty, is possessed of a self delusion that looks very much like psychosis.

  • Lynn says:

    Fr. Ron,

    That quote is the conclusion of ++Katharine’s prepared remarks at the press club. I should have made the attribution, shame on me!

    Ford, perhaps I was remiss in challenging David Virtues specific comments, but it was an old violin playing a memorized song. He challenged her take on various property disputes (esp. Virginia), followed by the usual – and illogical – leap into the topic of sexual sin. It’s difficult to get too worked up over those topics these days when they are just playing reruns.

  • Ford Elms says:

    “Ford, perhaps I was remiss in challenging David Virtue’s specific comments”

    It is never remiss to challenge falsehood, slander, bile, venom, propaganda, or any other kind of dishonesty.

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