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opinions before Christmas

Both Guardian and The Times have columns about Hanukah, one from Howard Cooper, the other from Jonathan Sacks.

The Telegraph has Christopher Howse on The words that train the ear.

Giles Fraser in the Church Times has Celebrating where God gets real.

Comment is free asked What letter would you write to God? with answers so far from Julian Baggini, Mark Vernon, Francis Davis.

And for light relief, there is Andrew Brown saying that Science proves Anglicans smartest.

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15 years ago

Part of Andrew Brown’s column may appear to be “light relief”, but he is raising serious concerns about our pre-conceived ideas, smugness, and about IQ tests. I’ve distrusted IQ tests ever since I took essentially the same test, 3 months apart, one with pencil and paper, the other orally (I have mild Cerebral Palsy with manual dexterity deficiencies). The two scores were 25 points apart — an 18% difference. Regardless of what “intelligence” is, I was the same person in both tests. I had the same intelligence. A knowledgeable person later told me that an 18% difference is perfectly normal… Read more »

Cheryl Va.
15 years ago

Thank you Andrew Brown. It’s lovely to hear someone looking at the assumptions or precepts behind an author’s writings. It is also sad to see that mysticism is still not understood. Just as it is sad to see Christians touting that Jesus is Lord of all the earth, and then repudiating that responsbibility by insulting, abusing, neglecting and violating the “other”. Lordship of all the earth means responsibility respect and reverence to all levels, including females, non-Christians, animals, the environment and unseen forces. It does not hurt to remember that Jesus was such as stunning success because all of Creation… Read more »

Father Ron Smith
15 years ago

“”It may seem an odd topic for a Roman Catholic to choose when commissioned by the Archbishop of Canterbury,” he (Timothy Radcliffe) writes, for Anglicans and Roman Catholics do not share Communion with each other. He hopes that “if we can understand one another’s faith, hope and charity better, then we will, with the grace of God, come to share the Eucharist too”. – Christopher Howse, Telegraph – The review by Christopher Howse of the Lent Book commissioned from R.C. Author Timothy Radcliffe by the ABC seems to have hit upon the crux of the situation in the Church; where… Read more »

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